Zay Flowers Arrest: What Did He Do? Relationship & Violence Allegations

Zay Flowers

The Ravens’ wide receiver Zay Flowers has not been arrested. However, he is under investigation for a domestic violence complaint. Flowers was able to play against the Chiefs even though the complaint was filed on January 21, after the Houston Texans game.

And it probably would have been better if he had sat out the game since many Ravens supporters think his fourth-quarter fumble cost them dearly. Flowers has not been charged, and a Ravens spokeswoman has said that they take such concerns seriously. The Ravens honored Ray Rice before in December, almost a decade after his career-ending arrest. Rice was arrested after a video leaked showing him punching his fiancée in a hotel elevator. Rice played with the Ravens from 2008 to 2013. So it remains to be seen what the investigation will reveal and what the Ravens will do next against their wide receiver.

Is Zay Flowers Arrested? Have the Ravens Taken Any Action?

Zay Flower, a 23-year-old wide receiver with the Baltimore Ravens, has been arrested on domestic abuse charges. The Acton Authorities Department has denied disclosing the report, citing state rules that govern interactions between victims and authorities. However, many on the internet assume that the victim is Zay’s girlfriend, Ruby Antonioli. Acton Police are investigating the crime with Baltimore County Police.

The incident occurred in Baltimore County, and the police department said that they were made aware of the alleged attack on January 21. So, the event occurred before the Ravens’ AFC Championship game versus the Chiefs. Flowers participated in the game. Flowers has not been charged, and the case is still under investigation. The Ravens informed CBS News that “we take these matters seriously and will have no further comment at this time.”

Zay Flowers

The news came only on February 9, although a Facebook message on January 23 suggested Flowers was in danger. The Facebook message was eventually posted on a fan forum. The forum member said, “Please take this with a grain of salt. But there’s a person in an NFL Facebook community who claims Zay is in big danger. With many questioning the user’s legitimacy, he uploaded a screenshot of Glen D. Woods’ Facebook post. Another Facebook user asked Glen if he was prepared to put money on his sources, to which he responded that his sources had provided evidence. Many NFL fans are now asking if the Ravens were aware of Zay’s allegations, and if so, why they let him play against the Chiefs.

Is Zay Flowers still with Ruby Antonioli?

Ruby Antonioli and Zay Flowers met for the first time while attending Boston College. Many admirers assume Ruby is the victim of Zay’s attack since she has removed all images featuring him from her Instagram. Ruby announced her romance with Zay in 2020. She had posted a selfie of herself and the player, with Zay kissing her on the cheek. That photo is no longer visible on her Instagram. Many may be aware that Ruby was there on the day Zay was picked by the Ravens. She had attended the ceremony with Zay’s family. Zay and Ruby both posted the photographs on their Instagram accounts.

Zay Flowers

These photographs have likewise disappeared from Zay and Ruby’s Instagram accounts. Ruby and her family are from Acton, Massachusetts, and the lawsuit was filed in the same location. Ruby’s father, Greg Antonioli, manages Out of the Woods Construction & Cabinetry. He now serves as president of the National Association of the Remodeling Industry. Ruby’s elder sisters, Carly and Sophie Antonioli, are also Boston University grads and former athletes. Ruby’s Instagram account is still operational, but she has disabled her comment area.