Yvette Nicole Brown Lose Weight To Control Diabetes

Yvette Nicole Brown

Yvette Nicole Brown and Joel McHale stole the show on Community back in the day. Shirley Bennett was her character, and she had a fascinating character journey.

Shirley, or Brown, was known for her weight reduction, which was one of the first things people noticed about her. Even though the program finished in 2015 and Brown has since worked on a variety of projects, fans continue to inquire about Brown’s change.

So, what caused her to lose weight?

Yvette Nicole Brown lose weight to control diabetes.

When she was diagnosed with it in 2013, she was still in Community. She was, however, no stranger to the illness. She had known folks who had the disease and had been prediabetic for ten years herself. But she never expected her situation to worsen. In 2016, she told Parade, “I had been prediabetic for approximately ten years, and for some reason, I felt it would never become genuine diabetes.”


It was a rude awakening for her. Brown understood she needed to make lifestyle adjustments to deal with her Type 2 diabetes. The actress then dealt with it in the only manner she knew how: by laughing about it.

“With everything in life, you have an option of going down the dark path or the bright route, and I picked the light road,” she explained.

She was surrounded by a strong support system. Despite the fact that she opted to keep her diagnosis a secret from her Community castmates for a few months, they were supportive of her. In addition, her dentist assisted her in finding comedy in her everyday struggles with the sickness. As she mentioned throughout the interview, they had a good time together.

She was able to get her health back on track after the diagnosis. Furthermore, she practiced good oral hygiene, drank enough water, exercised, and made better-eating choices, among other things. She dropped weight and appeared smaller as a result of all of these changes in her everyday life.

She joked about her weight loss and diagnosis in 2014, saying, “When they tell you they’re going to remove your feet, you stop eating doughnuts.”

She not only looked great, but she also felt great. And portion management was the key to her success. Except for one time, she has never been the kind to be concerned with numbers.

Yvette Nicole Brown On Losing Weight

Despite the fact that Brown had numbers and a figure to show for her dramatic weight loss, she was unconcerned about them. During a 2017 interview with Vulture, she remarked about fretting about weight and clothes size, “That’s really vanity driven.” “Do you realize how little your waist is?” “What’s the size of your butt?”

Instead, she concentrated on a more important number: her blood glucose level. Brown said, “I’m simply trying to shed diabetes,” adding that she was never the Halle Berry type and had never attempted to be.

Brown was never one to be self-conscious about her weight or resent the term “chubby.” Instead, she recognized that the one thing she wanted to achieve was to be well, and she wanted everyone to know it.

She appears to be in terrific form and, hopefully, is continuing on the mend from diabetes.