Wonho Revealed His Military Enlistment In A Heartfelt Letter To His Fans


In a message uploaded on his online fan café, the 29-year-old singer pledged to return soon to WENEE (his audience), whom he referred to as his “home” and “everything.”

“After winter has passed and spring has arrived, after the seasons have changed, in the summer of next year, on the day I first sang for WENEE. That following day, I’ll return to discover WENEE, just as cool as I was that day. I shall return to WENEE’s doorway, the place where I belong, my home, my everything.”

Before enrolling, the Eye on U singer requested his followers to catch up on all of the stuff he has planned for them. He then inquired:

“Wenee, would you just wait a moment for me?”

Wonho’s enrollment in the military has been confirmed by his agency.

Wonho’s management company, Highline Entertainment, acknowledged his military service in a statement posted on the singer’s fan café. They stated:

“On December 5th, 2022, Wonho will enroll as a public service worker to perform his responsibility as a Korean citizen.”


They have encouraged followers to express their love and support till he completes his duty and is in good health.

“We want your warm love and support for Wonho, who will be doing his military responsibilities till his return.”

Fans react to the announcement of enlisting

WENEE’s went to Twitter to show their love and support for the singer. Fans showed their appreciation to the artist, citing words from his message, and voiced their eagerness for his return. Some even commented on the singer’s newest album, Bittersweet, alleging that he kept it for last since leaving for the military would be “bittersweet.” The majority of fans, on the other hand, were taken aback by the idol’s enlistment, labeling it the “worst news ever.”

Wonho makes his solo debut in 2020, after Monsta X.

Lee Ho-seok, better known as Wonho, made his Starship Entertainment debut in 2015 as a member of the hip-hop boy group Monsta X. However, four years later, when extensive reports of his drug usage appeared on social media, he quit the group. The singer made his solo debut under Highline Entertainment in 2020 with his first EP, Love Synonym #1: Right for Me. He’s since released the EP’s second installment, two additional EPs, Blue Letter and Facade, two albums, and one Japanese album.

The singer played in Germany, Spain, and England earlier this year as part of his UK and European tour in support of his EP, Facade. It was his first solo and headlining performance outside of Korea.


The hero exhibited his spectacular movements against the Han River cityscape in the newly released performance video for On & On. The lively single by Bittersweet, featuring South Korean rapper Yunhway, is about wanting to dance all night.