Who Was Whitney Houston Married To? Husband And Relationship

Whitney Houston

Whitney Houston, the queen of pop, continues to enchant hearts with her soulful voice. She received six Grammy Awards and sold over 200 million songs worldwide. Her personal life was everything from picture-perfect. She was married to Bobby Brown and was supposedly seeing Nick Gordon. Bobbi Kristina Brown, her daughter, died tragically in 2015. Let’s look at Whitney Houston’s personal life, focusing on the subject, “Who was Whitney Houston married to?”

Many fans and music historians have been fascinated by Whitney Houston’s personal relationships, notably her marriages. These connections had a significant influence on her personal life and professional career, providing background for her songs and challenges.

Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown’s Marriage

Whitney met Bobby Brown for the first time in 1989. Their friendship flourished, and they married in 1992. Despite public demonstrations of devotion, their relationship was tainted by scandal, including drug misuse. The turbulent marriage eventually ended in divorce in 2007.

  • Several major events in their relationship’s history stand out:
  • Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown first met at the Soul Train Music Awards in 1989.
  • 1992: The pair married in a lavish wedding in New Jersey.
  • They brought their first child, Bobbi Kristina Brown, into the world in 1993.
  • Whitney and Bobby were both jailed for marijuana possession in Hawaii in 2002.
  • The couple divorced in 2007.

Whitney Houston

Whitney’s personal life and profession were significantly impacted by her marriage, which resulted in increased drug abuse and decreased album sales.

Robyn Crawford and the Controversy

Crawford plays an important role in Whitney’s love tapestry. Robyn, Whitney’s childhood friend and personal assistant, was said to be romantically engaged with her. Whitney never confirmed or denied the claims, but she always claimed that Robyn was her “soulmate.”

The following are key moments:

  • Whitney and Robyn were great friends in the 1980s.
  • Robyn quit Whitney’s team in 1993 to launch her own company.
  • Robyn released her book, “A Song for You,” in 2017 which discussed her relationship with Whitney.
  • Whitney’s estate sued Robyn in 2018 for violation of a non-disclosure agreement.

Other Important Relationships

Whitney was friends with Randy Crawford and Dylan Thomas, in addition to Bobby and Robyn. Randy, a composer, worked with Whitney on numerous tracks. Dylan, a poet, had a tremendous impact on Whitney, and she often cited his work as an inspiration.

Whitney Houston


Without a doubt, the question “Who was Whitney Houston married to?” leads to a better understanding of the star’s complicated existence. Her relationships, notably with Bobby Brown and Robyn Crawford, substantially affected her path and profession. Despite her turbulent personal life, Whitney’s seductive voice and tenacious personality have cemented her place in music history.