Who Is Victor Newman Actor Eric Braeden? Age, Net Worth And Controversies

Eric Braeden

Eric Braeden, the charismatic actor who played Victor Newman on “The Young and the Restless,” has been on our screens since 1980. He introduced us to a figure that became associated with daytime television with a sense of seriousness and depth. The essential issue, though, is: how old is Victor Newman in 2023? And what about Eric Braeden, the actual guy behind the legend?

A Look Back at Eric Braeden’s Childhood

Eric Braeden, born in 1941, has had a long career in television. Before he became the well-known Victor Newman, Braeden created a name for himself on the program “The Rat Patrol.” His move to “The Young and the Restless” in 1980 was a game changer not just for him, but for the whole soap opera genre. He established Victor Newman as a formidable opponent from the start. Newman became a presence in many houses as an intriguing businessman, adoring father, and, at times, ferocious foe.

 Victor Newman’s Age

On the program, Victor Newman’s precise age has remained a mystery. Given that Eric was 39 when he took up the position, Victor should be in his late 70s or early 80s by 2023. Characters in soap operas, on the other hand, often dance to a different timetable.

Insights into Eric Braeden’s Net Worth

Being a prominent face on a major soap opera for over 40 years has its advantages. Eric Braeden’s net worth is reported to be $30 million, most of which may be credited to his regular appearance on “The Young and the Restless.”

Eric Braeden

The Unexpected News: Eric’s Cancer Battle

Eric Braeden said in an emotional admission that he was diagnosed with prostate cancer in 2023. Many people were taken aback by this revelation, particularly considering his bright presence on film. The actor battled his condition valiantly, and the outpouring of love and support from fans and colleagues reflected his impact.

Victor Newman Legacy

Victor Newman’s life has been a roller coaster of emotions, victories, and tragedies, as it has been for many soap opera characters. What distinguishes him, though, is the pure charm that Braeden instills in the role. Eric’s real-life passion for his art is mirrored in Victor’s toughness and ambition.

Eric Braeden Controversies

Life in the spotlight is seldom without drama. Eric Braeden has faced allegations and even a public battle with fellow actress Eva Longoria over the years. While these occurrences contributed to some off-screen controversy, Braeden’s reputation as a powerful actor remained unaffected.

Eric Braeden


Eric Braeden and Victor Newman have been together for nearly four decades. While the man and the persona are separate, they have a similar thread of resolve and endurance. As fans gather behind Eric throughout his health issues, one thing is certain: he and Victor Newman have both made an everlasting impression on the world of television.