Who Is Victor Gonzalez From “Love Island USA” Season 5?

Victor Gonzalez

Season 5 of Love Island USA has now aired two episodes, in which candidates go to Fuji in search of the love of their life. The candidates must match up with someone with whom they feel they may connect on the program. The pairings then get to know one another and participate in a variety of tasks. The victorious pair will be awarded $100,000 in the season finale.

When Victor Gonzalez joined Love Island USA season 5, he became the buzz of the town. He is a 28-year-old wrestler who came to the villa looking for love. Fans were outraged when none of the ladies in the villa selected Victor as their mate.


Season 5 Love Island USA contestant Victor Gonzalez is a wrestler who has won multiple national titles.

Victor, who was born on August 1, 1994, is the only participant from outside the United States in the competition. He was born in Madrid and now resides in Georgia. He has more than 18,000 Instagram followers and 200,000 TikTok followers. He often posts peeks of his life on social media. In his wrestling career, Victor Gonzalez has won multiple National Championships in Spain and also works as a cosplayer at children’s birthday parties. He dresses up like the DC character Aquaman to amuse the children.

Victor Gonzalez

Victor Gonzalez is seeking someone to spend the rest of his life with. He aspires to meet his “fairytale princess,” since he considers himself a “book boyfriend.” He is not concerned with looks and is seeking a confident individual with a fantastic personality. When he first appeared on the program, the ladies assigned him two names based on his appearance and personality: Tarzan and Aquaman. When none of the ladies on the program chose Victor Gonzalez, supporters flocked to social media to vent their disappointment. They were stunned and couldn’t believe Victor hadn’t been picked by any of the contenders.

Jasmine eventually chose Victor Gonzalez later in the program. Currently, the five couples on the program are:

  • Leonardo and Kassy
  • Marco and Destiny
  • Bergie and Anna
  • Kay Kay and Keenan
  • Victor and Jasmine

Victor Gonzalez

Season 5 of Love Island USA promises a lot of drama, love, and surprises. The show’s synopsis is as follows:

“Set in Fiji, season 5 of Peacock Original Love Island USA will feature a new group of sexy singles on a love quest in a beautiful villa.” Islanders will team up to tackle fresh new heart-racing challenges and larger twists and turns than ever before throughout their stay in a tropical sanctuary.”

Other Love Island USA season 5 participants include Marco Donatelli, Kassy Castillo, Leonardo Dionicio, Destiny Davis, Anna Kurdys, Carsten Bergersen, Vickala “Kay Kay” Gray, Keenan Anunay, and Jasmine Sklavanitis.