Who Is Tessa Ganassi? All About Chip Ganassi Daughter: Wiki And Age

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Tessa Ganassi, Chip Ganassi’s daughter, has come out swinging on her X account after eight years. Tessa has always kept a low profile in the racing world, but it seems that not everything is well in the Ganassi family. Tessa Ganassi, the sole child of Chip Ganassi Racing’s owner, isn’t hiding her feelings over her father’s actions, which ended in the death of Devlin DeFrancesco’s dog. Tessa has blasted her father on her X account for what he did to her as a youngster, claiming that he was always a risky driver. Ganassi, a multi-millionaire, has publicly apologized for his actions and offered to donate. The sad tragedy occurred during the Rolex 24 in Daytona.

Chip Ganassi’s Daughter: Meet Tessa Ganassi

Chip Ganassi’s daughter, Tessa Ganassi, is his only child with his wife Cara Small Ganassi. Despite hailing from a well-known racing family, Tessa has maintained a low profile. However, after many years, Tessa has spoken out about her father publicly. Tessa got onto her X account (previously Twitter) on January 30 to criticize her father’s recent behavior. Chip Gannasi’s daughter attended Shad Side Academy and graduated in 2015. She previously tweeted about it, but after high school graduation, she hasn’t revealed anything about her life. Tessa is on Instagram but has kept her account secret. In 2015, the media portrayed Tessa as carrying on a family tradition by being the first to make a pick in the qualifiers draw for the Indianapolis 500 Mile Race.

Tessa Ganassi
Chip Ganassi With His Daughters

Previously, Chip said that he named the automobile they created at Carnegie Mellon University after his daughter. So, from the outside, it seemed like Chip had the finest connection with his daughter. Tessa is on TikTok, but she has only published three videos, one of which features her lovely puppy. The other two show her having fun dancing and lip-syncing to tunes with her buddies. In NASCAR and the racing business, it is increasingly typical for children to join their dads in supporting their firm. However, Tessa and Chip Ganassi Racing seem to be in a different situation.

Tessa Ganassi Calls Out Her Father

After running over and killing Devlin DeFrancesco’s golden retriever dog, the car’s owner, Chip Ganassi, apologised publicly. The event occurred at the Daytona International Speedway’s motorhome lot. Chip also donated to the Indianapolis Humane Society on behalf of DeFrancesco’s dog, Lucky, and their family. Later, DeFrancesco wrote a message praising Ganassi for his apologies and financial offer.

However, it seems that Tessa has a long-standing animosity against her father. She said,

“What a joke. He despised animals. Like when dad let my dog out the front door into a busy road in the snow at night with no leash when I was eight, then labeled me “braindead” for not having a home key with me when I raced outside in the snow to rescue her?”

She also noted,

“He always pulls out of the track like a maniac.” For example, when pulling out of IMS, he collided with a man strolling with a cane, and the man cracked my father’s vehicle glass with the cane, but my father continued to drive. I guarantee you that he feels regret for nothing. Throwing money at the problem as usual.”

Chip Ganassi

A few NASCAR officials were dubious at first, believing Tessa had been hacked. But the post has been online for about 24 hours. One fan agreed with Tessa, saying, “This is probably why so many people in the paddock were upset about what happened.” He was probably driving like a lunatic in the motor home lot, which might have been avoided.” However, some have written. Tessa wants five seconds of fame. And based on a few others’ responses, it seems that they know Chip Ganassi better than his daughter.