Who Is Sean Turnell Wife, Dr Ha Vu? Family And Kids Details

Sean Turnell

Dr. Ha Vu, Sean Turnell’s wife, is also an economics instructor. At Macquarie University, the couple initially met. They don’t have any children. Sean Turnell is an Australian economist. He was State Counselor Aung San Suu Kyi’s former economic policy adviser in Myanmar. Macquarie University’s esteemed economics professor is also a former member of the Reserve Bank of Australia.

The author of The Fiery Dragons: Banks was detained in Myanmar for 650 days (February 2021 to November 2022). He was charged with breaking the country’s official secrets legislation. Turnell is a married guy, according to his personal life. But who is Dr. Ha Vu, Sean Turnell’s wife? Let’s find out more about the economist’s marriage, family, children, and professional life.

Who Is Dr. Ha Vu, Sean Turnell’s wife?

Sean Turnell and Dr. Ha Vu had a happy marriage. The lovely couple has not had any children together. Sean Turnell’s wife is an economics instructor from Vietnam in Australia. At Macquarie University, the couple initially met. Although the couple’s wedding date is uncertain, we may be certain that they have been married for many decades.

“It’s been a year,” Ha Vu stated in an interview with ABC. We never imagined we’d confront such a difficulty in our wildest dreams.”

Sean Turnell

Her husband’s unexpected arrest and year-long incarceration were unimaginable to her. The Vietnamese Australian economics instructor, along with other Macquarie University employees, never ceased advocating for Turnell’s release. The distinguished professor was imprisoned for handling secret information, files, or information he required as an economic consultant. As a consequence, a massive campaign to release him was launched. Furthermore, Sean Turnell was freed from the Maynmar prison on November 17, 2022, and returned to his native country the next day.

After two years, the professor was finally reunited with his wife, family, and friends. Tim Harcourt, an industry professor and chief economist, said in an essay that he participated in the Campaign to Release Sean as a fellow economist. Former ambassadors to Myanmar Harcourt, Christopher Lamb, and Nicholas Coppel, according to Harcourt, aided Sean’s release campaign.

Sean Turnell’s Family History

Sean Turnell was welcomed by his parents in the South Western Sydney area. He was raised in Macquarie Fields, Sydney, in a working-class household. The economist received his bachelor’s and doctorate degrees in economics from Macquarie University in Sydney. He had a distinguished career in Australia. Peter Turnell, Sean Turnell’s father, was invited to Whitlam’s House to commemorate Whitlam’s election as Prime Minister 50 years ago.

Sean’s achievements include the founding of “Burma Watch,” a well-known journal that provides economic statistics and analysis of the Myanmar economy. His book Fiery Dragons: Banks established him as a worldwide authority on the topic.

Sean Turnell

Sean Turnell’s Net Worth

Sean Turnell’s net worth and salary have not been disclosed. However, the economic counselor must have amassed a sizable fortune over the course of his three-decade career. According to Indeed, a Macquarie University professor or lecturer’s yearly income in Australia is about $116,622. As a result, Sean’s pay must be in that range.

Furthermore, his remuneration as an economic policy adviser and State Counsellor in Myanmar must have been substantial. Aside from that, the economist formerly worked at the Reserve Bank of Australia as an analyst.