Who Is Sarah Stern? Meet Paul Lafarge Wife: Relationship & Net Worth Before Death

Paul Lafarge

Paul Lafarge’s wife is Sarah Stern; the pair has been married for a long time. People have been interested in learning more about Paul after his passing. Lafarge died on January 18, 2023, and his wife revealed the news publicly. As a writer, essayist, and professor, he was well-known.

He received five Nobel Prizes before his death, and everyone received positive feedback and applause from the audience. Many well-known people expressed their condolences to his family, acknowledging him. Dr. Genevieve Guenther posted a photo of him, describing him as her oldest friend.

Who Is Paul Lafarge’s Wife, Sarah Stern?

Paul Lafarge was married to Sarah Stern for almost 10 years, and the two had been dating for a long period before marrying. They have not made their wedding date public, and the pair have kept their love connection covert. However, Lafarge’s wife was often there on any occasion to encourage him. Stern works as a co-artistic director at the Vineyard Theatre and has not revealed much about herself publicly.

Paul Lafarge

However, following her husband’s death, she verified the news. Stern said that he died of cancer when he was 52 years old, that the pair had been married for decades, and that she had been abandoned. Since their marriage, Lafarge and Stern have had a wonderful relationship and have influenced many people. Stern used to back her up, and she was always there for him until Lafarge died. People began to express their condolences and remarks to Stern and his family when he verified the news in public.

Paul Lafarge Family Information

Paul Lafarge was born in a middle-class home to Dr. Lucy Bergson LaFarge and Father Thomas. His father was a writer and English instructor, and he began learning from him when he was the same age as his father. When it comes to his father, Lucy is a psychoanalyst. Lafarge’s parents split while he was a teenager, but he spent time with both of them and had a close connection with both of them. Lafarge had a wonderful connection with his novelist stepmother. He spent most of his adolescence in Paris, working on many publications and other projects.

Before becoming known as an author, he worked in a variety of fields. He was an English professor at Wesleyan University before moving on to teach writing at Columbia. Lafarge revealed just a few details about his parents and another family member in public; he is the only child of his parents, but he has step-siblings on his father’s side. Lafarge was a private individual who kept his information private. He concentrated on his job and had a pleasant life with his wife and children.

Paul Lafarge

Paul Lafarge Net Worth Before Death

People are frequently interested in learning about profits and net worth, and Paul Lafarge’s net worth has been a hot subject of conversation since his death. Many internet sites have reported various earnings and net worths, but according to the source, his net worth before death is believed to be between $1 million and $5 million.

He was a professor at Bennington College until his death. Artist of the Missing (1999), Haussmann, or the Distinction (2001), The Facts of Winter (2005), Luminous Airplanes (2011), and The Night Ocean (2017) are among his five novels. Also, before his death, he might have had another source of income, such as a company or investments, which he never reported to the public.