Who Is Sal Governale? Everything You Need To Know About Him

sal governale

Sal Governale is an actor, producer, comedian, radio personality, writer, and former stockbroker from the United States. He is well-known for his show “Howard Stern on Demand” (2005).

Quick Facts

Date Of BirthOctober 24, 1968
Place Of BirthNew York City the USA
ProfessionRadio personality
SpouseChristine Governale
MoviesGirls Gone Dead, Circus Maximus, Jersey Shore Massacre, Supertwink, Booley

Sal Governale Biography and Early Life

Sal was born on October 24, 1968, making him 55 years old in 2024. Salvatore C. Governale was born in New York City, USA. There is no information about his parents. His parents are Muslims whose ancestors have been traced back to North Africa. He converted to Catholicism as a teenager because he did not like his birth religion. Sal grew up working in his father’s kabob shop, where he used to butcher lambs in the alley. This is a funny Father’s Day gig about Sal’s father appearing on “The Howard Stern Show.” Sal revealed on “The Howard Stern Show” that his father has two other daughters outside of his family, both of whom share the same birthday as his two sisters.

Height and Weight

Sal stands at an average height of 5 feet 10 inches (1.78 meters).

sal governale
Sal Governale

Professional Life

Sal, also known as “Sal the Stockbroker,” began making frequent call-ins to make fun of Gary Dell’ Abate while he was a stockbroker in New York. He competed in the show’s “Win John’s Job” contest and came in second place, earning him a job as a writer for the show. He is well-known for making prank calls and performing homoerotic show stunts. On the show, he is also known for his racial humor, but she denies being a racist. There was also a rumor that Sal was a con artist who worked with a fly-by-night company selling bogus stocks to the public, but there is no evidence to support these claims.

Sal Governale Net worth

Sal’s net worth is estimated to be around $500 thousand as of January 2024. He is expected to earn around $80,000 per year. He made the majority of his money as a writer and comedian on “The Howard Stern Show.”

Sal Governale Wife & Marriage

The couple married in 1996 in front of their friends and family. He and his life partner Christine have three sons, all of whom are boys, born in 1999, 2001, and 2003, respectively. In 2016, his youngest son Aaron appeared in the studio where his father worked for a spelling bee competition against Ronnie Mund. At the studio, his son revealed that their mother is in charge of the house and maintains discipline, but when their father loses his temper, all the kids start laughing. There have been rumors about the couple divorcing several times, but it has all been false news, and the couple is very happily married and has no plans to divorce. There was also talk that Sal was gay and had an affair with Richard Christy. The rumor began when they both appeared on “The Howard Stern Show” and made the show more entertaining. Because people liked their chemistry on the radio show, rumors about Sal being gay began to circulate. However, the rumors were false because Sal is happy with his wife Christine and Richard is his great friend.