Who Is Rudy Giuliani Wife? How Many Times Did He Get Married? Former NYC Mayor Relationship

Rudy Giuliani

Rudy Giuliani is a married man. Given his prominent status as a former mayor of New York City and his constant presence in the media, it’s a topic that many have pondered. For the time being, the simple answer is no. Rudy Giuliani has had three marriages, each of which has garnered significant notice. Rudy Giuliani, a well-known political figure, has seen his personal life play out in public. His matrimonial path has been anything from straightforward, ranging from marrying his cousin to high-profile divorces.

Rudy Giuliani’s Marriages and Relationships

With his dominating personality, Rudy Giuliani has been married three times. Each connection received a good amount of media coverage and public scrutiny. Rudy’s relationships have often raised eyebrows, owing to the personalities involved as well as the circumstances surrounding them.

First Marriage Regina Peruggi (1968-1983)

Rudy Giuliani was married to Regina Peruggi in 1968. She was, interestingly, his second cousin once removed. After 15 years, the couple decided to divorce in 1983. Their marriage was declared null and void, with Giuliani emphasizing that they had not secured a dispensation from the Catholic Church. Regina and Rudy’s marriage, although less known at first, became a major talking topic later on.

Rudy Giuliani

Second Marriage Donna Hanover (1984-2002)

Giuliani remarried quickly after his divorce from Regina. He married TV personality Donna Hanover in 1984. Andrew and Caroline were the couple’s two children. Their relationship, however, deteriorated over time. They were legally divorced in July 2002. Rudy’s later marriage to Judith Nathan came after this split.

Third marriage Judith Nathan’s (2003-2019)

Giuliani married Judith Nathan in a lavish wedding at Gracie Mansion a year after his divorce from Donna. Judith wore a tiara and an off-white gown to the wedding, which was memorable. Their marriage, however, was not to continue forever. By 2019, the couple had decided to divorce.

Relationships After Divorce and Their Current Situation

Giuliani has not remarried since his divorce from Judith. However, he has not been alone. He’s been dating Republican fundraiser Jennifer LeBlanc since 2018. This relationship, like his previous ones, has been scrutinized by the media, with many people keeping a close eye on its progress.

Rudy Giuliani

Giuliani’s Marital Disputes and Public Perception

Giuliani’s marriage history has not been without controversy. His marriage to a relative and subsequent annulment aroused eyebrows. Furthermore, financial disagreements and litigation, particularly with his ex-wives, have often made headlines. The media and public opinion have differed on Giuliani’s personal life, but it is obvious that it has affected his general public image.


Rudy Giuliani’s personal life is as complicated as his political career. While he is not presently married, his previous relationships reveal the guy behind the public image. The junction of private affairs and public image is constantly under investigation, as it is with many prominent leaders, and Giuliani’s life is a prime example.