Who Is Rosemarie Fritzl? And What Happened To Her?

Rosemarie Fritzl

Rosemarie Fritzl is an Austrian lady best known as the mother of Elizabeth Fritzl, a young girl who was abducted and sexually assaulted by her father, Josef Fritzl, who was also Rosemarie’s spouse. She is separated and presently resides alone in an apartment in Linz, Austria.

Rosemarie Fritzl Was A Victim Of Her Husband’s Abuse As Well.

Rosemarie Fritzl was born in Vienna on September 23, 1939, under the sign of Libra. Aside from her sister, Christine Renner, whose identity was disclosed during her ex-prosecution, her husband’s no other family members’ identities have been released to the media or the broader public. As a result, her parents’ identities and occupations have been kept from the public.

Rosemarie, who has lived in Austria her entire life, met and married her now-divorced spouse, Josef Fritzl, when she was only 17 years old and he was 21. Rosemarie’s marriage was not without complications because, unbeknownst to her, she was marrying a sadist. She characterized her ex-husband as cruel, deceptive, and difficult to her and their children. Rosemarie went on to say that the guy had controlled her and would take any opportunity to openly shame her.

Rosemarie Fritzl

She Gives Birth to seven children.

The pair had a total of seven offspring, two males and five daughters. Ulrike Fritzl was the first child born to Rosemarie and her spouse Josef in 1957, in the sequence of their pregnancies. Ulrike is a teacher now. Following the delivery of their first daughter, the pair had a second child, a girl called Rosemarie. Rosemarie Fritzl Jr. was born in 1960.

Rosemarie and her then-husband received their third child, a boy, three years later, in 1963. Harald Fritzl was the boy’s moniker. It took them another three years, in 1966, to have their fourth child, a third girl, and the cause for their celebrity. She was called Elisabeth Fritzl, and as readers would discover, she had a dreadful experience as a member of the Fritzl family.

Rosemarie took in another child after Elisabeth and gave birth to twins, Josef Jr. Fritzl (2nd son) and Gabriele Fritzl (4th daughter), in 1971. Rosemarie gave birth to her seventh and final child, who also became the fifth girl of the family, the year after the twins were born. Doris Fritzl was born in the year 1972. In their house in Amstetten, Austria, the complete family resided together.

Rosemarie claimed she was unaware of her ex-husband’s activities

In addition to the continuous maltreatment from the Fritzl household’s father, Josef, things were not going well at home for Rosemarie and her children. In reality, previous to her kidnapping, incarceration, and torment, Elisabeth had fled her house in 1983 due to the violence she had already begun to suffer at the hands of her father. Authorities located her and returned her home, but that was only the beginning of her problems at the hands of a callous and wicked parent. Joseph Fritzl had discovered the ideal reason to exile Rosemarie’s daughter, Elisabeth.

Rosemarie Fritzl

He reasoned that if she had run away before, she would have no trouble doing so again, and so in 1984, just after Elisabeth, who was born on April 6, 1966, turned 18, she went missing again, but this time, unbeknownst to everyone except Josef, she was handcuffed and locked in the soundproof basement.

Rosemarie’s first response was to notify officials about her absent daughter. However, after some inquiry, Josef convinced the police and his wife, Rosemarie, that Elisabeth had fled a second time to join a sect. To strengthen the fabric of the false stories he had spun, the callous Josef compelled Elisabeth to compose notes that would strengthen the textiles of the untrue tales he had spun.

Elisabeth would spend the next 24 years as a prisoner in her own house, and to make things worse, as a sex slave to her own father. During her 24-year imprisonment, Elisabeth gave birth to seven children, though she was only left with six after one of her boys died a few days after delivery. Josef incinerated the corpse in the cellar furnace.

Rosemarie, who was already terrified of her husband, was compelled to believe his account of events, even though she was barred from entering the cellar for any purpose. After Josef persuaded her with yet another false letter from Elisabeth verifying her failure to care for the children on her own, she was compelled to raise three of Elisabeth’s children as her own.

In 2008, Rosemarie Fritzl’s husband was arrested.

Josef Fritzl’s downfall allegedly started when he agreed to transport their oldest daughter, Kerstein, to the hospital after she became sick and was comatose. Josef provided a forged letter from Elisabeth detailing the ill child’s medical history in an attempt to make it appear as if Elisabeth had left the daughter off with a message. Physicians at the hospital discovered the note was artificial and summoned officials, who were compelled to reopen Elisabeth’s missing person file.

Further inquiry revealed that no such group existed, and the adversary eventually caught up with Josef when he took Elisabeth and her other two surviving children to see her critically ill daughter at the hospital. The authorities were informed about Elisabeth’s appearance in the infirmary when they arrived.

They arrested the father and daughter, and after police assured her of her and her children’s safety, Elisabeth opened up about her heinous 24-year torment. On April 26, 2008, Josef was apprehended and accused of fraudulent detention, rape, incest, and death by neglect. In March 2009, the vile rapist’s father pleaded guilty to all charges and was condemned to life in jail. Rosemarie’s response, like every other member of the family, was one of total astonishment and wonder at the events that had transpired right in front of her eyes. Following the apprehension of her then-husband, the police were obligated to investigate Rosemarie as a potential collaborator, but they discovered that Josef Fritzl had also neglected and tortured her.

Josef and she divorced a few years after the trial.

Given the trauma that Josef had put the family through, it is an amazing testimony to his psychic grip on Rosemarie that she continued to visit him after he was imprisoned. However, during this time, she was also having intensive treatment with members of her family, including Elisabeth.

During the course of this treatment, jail visits became increasingly rare, and by 2012, they had ceased entirely. Rosemarie finally separated from her eccentric ex-husband in 2012. She even altered her identity in order to safeguard her privacy and security.

Rosemarie Fritzl is now living alone in Austria.

Rosemarie, who goes by a different name, has been living alone in an apartment in Linz, Austria, since the dust cleared. To make ends meet, the 83-year-old, who is still reeling from the financial fallout from the Fritzl family scandal, sells drawings she sketches and handmade items.

While it’s simple to point out that Rosemarie should have known better and done more to limit her ex-abuses, husband’s the public would be wise to recall that she was a victim of one of history’s cruelest men and give her some leeway.