Who Is Peter Antoniou From “AGT: All Stars 2023”?

Peter Antoniou

America’s Got Talent: All-Stars premiered on NBC on January 2 at 8 p.m. ET, and included 60 incredible artists that had previously participated in the program and other regional talent reality series. Peter Antoniou is one of the contenders who returned. He competed in AGT Season 16 and advanced to the Semifinals. The mentalist, who utilizes comedy to amaze the audience, is returning to the stage. The second episode of America’s Got Talent: All-Stars will run on the network on Tuesday, January 3, at 8 p.m. ET.


Peter Antoniou, a semi-finalist from last season, will return in America’s Got Talent: All-Stars.

Peter Antoniou is one of the show’s 60 returning performers. America’s Got Talent: All-Stars candidate has worked with psychologists, hypnotists, magicians, and shamans to improve his powers throughout the years. The mentalist combines his clairvoyant talents with improvisational comedy, which has earned him worldwide acclaim. He has previously played at The Royal Albert Hall, The Edinburgh Playhouse, and other venues as part of his development. His psychic humor brings him on tour across the globe, where he performs for blue-chip corporations and sold-out theater audiences.

Peter Antoniou

A former America’s Got Talent: All-Stars participant has just begun sharing his expertise and experience. He also works with companies and people as a consultant, lecturer, and professional mentor.

AGT audition of Peter Antoniou

In 2022, Peter competed in AGT season 16, and his performance involved locating an article from a doll home. Peter originally invited the presenter, Terry Crews, to join him on stage and explained that each room is designed based on the preferences of the judges. He instructed Terry to collect the things from the rooms and either conceal them or “make them go missing.”

The mentalist then played a voice message in which it was said that Terry had concealed the baseball bat in his left pocket. Peter turned the home around to make sure there was no foul play, which validated what the message mentioned concerning Terry. For the next section of the performance, Peter inquired about Sofia’s engagement ring since he required a piece of jewelry that one of the judges felt strongly about.¬†All of the judges followed the mentalist backstage, where a thousand ring boxes were stacked after Simon took the ring. Simon hid the ring in one of the boxes from Sofia and Peter. The mentalist then attempted to locate the ring as the actress mentally concentrated on it.

The psychic stated:

“Okay, just keep reliving that experience in your head and guiding me as if you knew where it was. You’re simply kind of magnetically pulled to it.”

Peter Antoniou

Sofia informed him she thought she knew where the ring was and had a “psychic impression” of it. America’s Got Talent: All-Stars candidate was able to locate and return the ring with Sofia’s assistance. Peter advanced to the competition’s semi-finals and has now returned to the stage with the hopes of going all the way. The first episode aired on January 2, and the next installment will show on NBC and Peacock on January 3, at 8 p.m. ET.