Who Is Oriana Schneps From “Below Deck Adventure”?

Oriana Schneps

Below Deck Adventure season 1 is the first season of Bravo’s Below Deck franchise. It will include nine new cast and crew members who will all be seen on camera for the first time. Oriana Schneps is one of the crew members of Captain Kerry Titheradge’s yacht, Mercury. Oriana will join the interior crew as a stew in Below Deck Adventure, despite her Bravo biography stating that she previously served as a head stew.

Her bio on the network’s website reads:

“Oriana is a diligent worker with previous experience as a chief stew who is anxious to show herself on the interior crew.” When she gets embroiled in a fight inside her department, she must demonstrate that she is capable of rising above to complete the task.”

Oriana Schneps is a boat dealer, businesswoman, and other things.

Oriana Schneps has been fascinated by water since she began working at a Boston aquarium. According to her Bravo biography, she discovered her vocation in college after participating in a scuba diving research mission in the Bahamas. As a result, she began sailing shortly after graduating from the University of Massachusetts Amherst. Oriana has a lot of experience, according to her LinkedIn page. She began her career as a chief stew at International Yachting, where she “controlled international operations of boats up to 200 feet” for around two years.

Oriana Schneps

Oriana began working as an Estate Operations Manager at a multi-property family estate in 2018, where she stayed for barely five months (June–October). According to her LinkedIn page, she launched an e-commerce firm named Doon Designs in 2019 while working full-time as an Account Executive at VaynerMedia. That same year, she changed jobs to become an account executive at The Sasha Group, where she will remain until March 2020.

During the pandemic, she changed jobs again and was hired as a Senior Strategic Analyst at String and Key. She resigned her position in August 2021 to join Bravo’s Below Deck Adventure crew. This year, the entrepreneur co-founded Lazy 8ight Yacht Club, an innovative blockchain enterprise, and joined United Yacht Sales as a yacht broker. Oriana is also the creator of Disco House NYC, a digital media organization she established in May 2018 and will continue to run until July 2020. Oriana also has a fascinating Instagram page, where she chronicles all of her trips, including multiple images with the guy she’s in a relationship with. Her love interest’s name is John Dampeer, and he owns the Fool’s Errand tavern. Meanwhile, Oriana has been cast in Bravo’s Below Deck Adventure.

Everything you need to know about Below Deck Adventure 2022. (season 1)

Oriana Schneps will be a member of Captain Kerry Titheradge’s inside team. She will work as a stew and share her title with Kasie Faddah, both of whom will report heading stew Faye Clarke. Below Deck Adventure season 1 will also include cook Jessica Condy, bosun Lewin Lupton, and deckhands Nathan Morely, Michael Gilman, and Kyle Dickard, in addition to the aforementioned cast.

Oriana Schneps

This will be the franchise’s fourth spin-off series. Below Deck is the original, and its spin-offs include Below Deck Mediterranean, Below Deck Sailing Yacht, and Below Deck Down Under. Each of these programs has a distinct captain and crew. Meanwhile, the first season of Below Deck Adventure 2022 will launch on November 1, 2022. Every Tuesday at 9:00 p.m. ET, a new episode of the program will premiere on Bravo.