Who Is Noah Enos Girlfriend, Nicole Wijs? A Look Into Their Relationship And Wiki

Nicole Wijs

People are inquisitive about Noah Enos’s girlfriend, Nicole Wijs, after hearing about his autopsy. Please continue reading to discover more about her. On June 12, Noah Enos, 26, went to see King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard perform at the Salt Shed music venue. He went missing that night, and his corpse was recovered in the Chicago River at the 1300 block of North Elston Avenue.

His death has been verified by the police and the Cook County Medical Examiner’s Office. Enos’ death was autopsied, but the actual cause and manner of death are still unknown. Brittany Hill, the medical examiner’s spokesman, has revealed that more tests are being conducted to shed light on the circumstances surrounding his death. Detectives will continue to look into his death until the autopsy findings come in. Meanwhile, let’s find out more about Noah’s girlfriend and family.

Noah Enos’s Girlfriend: Who Is Nicole Wijs?

Nicole Wijs is Noah Enos’s loving and dedicated girlfriend, and she is saddened by the news of Noah’s death.
Noah Enos had been missing since June 12, and his body was discovered near a music venue. Nicole, Enos’ girlfriend, has been invaluable at this difficult time and has assisted Noah’s family in every way she can. Noah and Nicole moved in together in 2022. They had been together for over two years and had been childhood loves, according to Wijs.

Nicole Wijs

Wijs characterized Enos as a loving lover, and the pair lived in Wicker Park. According to her, Noah had not yet been familiar with the place and had few acquaintances since moving there last September. Wijs expressed particular anxiety since their house was just 15 minutes away from the music venue. Enos would have tried to reach her from another phone if he knew her mobile number by heart. Nicole earlier told the Independent that her boyfriend had been sending her Snapchat recordings during the show. Nonetheless, Noah came to a halt about an hour before disappearing. She texted him around 10 p.m., but his phone was dead and had been off since.

Noah Enos Girlfriend: Wikipedia Information and Age

Following Noah Enos’ abduction at a performance venue in June 2023, his girlfriend, Nicole Wijs, asked for his safe return. Nicole does not have a Wikipedia page, although she has been in the news multiple times since her partner went missing in July of this year. Wijs is 26 years old and was born in 1997. Nicole said that she last talked with him around 9 p.m. on Monday, June 12, 2023.

While the last two weeks have been very difficult for Noah’s family and fiancée, the recent finding of his remains has provided them with some closure. Nonetheless, Noah’s death remains a mystery, and an inquiry is underway to determine what caused his untimely disappearance. Friends and relatives emphasized their commitment to learning the truth about Noah’s death in the Chicago River during a vigil organized in his honor.

Nicole Wijs

Enos’ girlfriend, Nicole Wijs, tried to fight back tears as she read aloud an old text message he had given her. She held her palm over her heart as she read the touching words Noah had spoken to her from her phone. Enos’ family has set up two GoFundMe sites to help with the financial load of funeral bills and other obligations. The aggregate contributions from the two fundraising projects had topped $15,000 by Tuesday evening. Nicole Wijs, Enos’ girlfriend, has also shared fundraisers in order to generate additional funds.