Who Is Naa Anveshana? A Look Into YouTuber Income, Wiki And Achievement

Naa Anveshana

Naa Anveshana stands out in the wide terrain of YouTube. He is a Telugu YouTuber who has gained popularity for his trip vlogs. His entertaining work has earned him over 1.33 million followers, demonstrating his global appeal. Anvesh Chinni, Naa Anveshana’s true name, is from Bheemili, Andhra Pradesh, India. Born in 1992, he began his YouTube adventure in 2016 with a video about his trips to the United States.

Naa Anveshana Origins

Naa Anveshana, whose YouTube career started in 2016, swiftly came to prominence owing to the unique content of his vacation vlogs. His tour of over 50 nations has been featured on his YouTube channel, giving his followers a glimpse into different cultures throughout the world.

Naa Anveshana

Naa Anveshana YouTube Channel

Naa Anveshana’s YouTube channel has a wide range of travel vlogs chronicling his travels and experiences in many destinations. He offers his thoughts on local culture, cuisine, and customs, frequently with a dash of adventure via activities like hiking, camping, and surfing.

A Look into Naa Anveshana’s Personal Life

Naa Anveshana, who is married and has one kid, has a balanced life. Despite being a native Telugu speaker, he speaks English well. Fitness is another of his interests, as seen by the exercise videos he shares on his social media sites.

Naa Anveshana’s Income and Social Media Presence

YouTube is not just a venue for Naa Anveshana to share material; it is also a source of cash. Brand partnerships supplement his profits in addition to his YouTube income. He also has a sizable social media following, with over 1 million followers on Instagram and a sizable following on Twitter and Facebook.

Naa Anveshana’s Melodious Side

Naa Anveshana, an enthusiastic Telugu music lover, has appeared in various music videos. He’s also written a song called “Anveshana Naa Songs,” which adds another feather to his crown.

The Story of Naa Anveshana Crow

“Who is Naa Anveshana Crow?” is a question raised by a 2017 video showing him feeding a crow. The phrase “Naa Anveshana Crow” was established as a result of this film, and it has since become a famous title for Naa Anveshana himself.

Naa Anveshana

A Look at Naa Anveshana’s Achievements

The celebrity of Naa Anveshana has not gone unnoticed. He has been published in multiple Telugu newspapers and periodicals, and his trip vlogs have won several honors. One of his significant honors is the Telugu Film Industry’s award for “Best Telugu YouTuber” in 2019.

Naa Anveshana Wikipedia

Naa Anveshana’s Wikipedia article, which was published in 2018, provides a comprehensive description of his life and work. It is a thorough resource for people interested in learning more about this prominent YouTuber.


To summarize, Naa Anveshana is not just a YouTuber, but also a globe traveler, storyteller, and fitness fanatic. He has utilized his platform to share his unique travel experiences, interact with his audience, and build a venue that appeals to a diverse audience. Naa Anveshana has established himself as a household figure in the Telugu YouTube community via his personal and professional path.