Who Is Michele Gisoni? Stepsister Of Maddie Ziegler & Mackenzie Ziegler

Michele Gisoni

Michele Gisoni is well known as Maddie and Mackenzie Ziegler’s stepsister. They are both American dancers and actresses.

Quick Facts

Full NameMichele Gisoni
First NameMichele
Last NameGisoni
Birth CountryAmerica
Father NameGreg Gisoni
Father Professionnuclear vice president and project director at Westinghouse Energy Center
Gender IdentityFemale
Sexual OrientationStraight
SibilingsMaddie Ziegler, Mackenzie Ziegler, Tyler Ziegler, Mathew Gisoni
Net Worth$5 million

Why Is She an Angel?

She is both an angel and a beautiful child. She is usually bright-eyed. Here’s a photo of her that will make you grin. She’s dressed in a beautiful outfit with a different color painted on it. In this one, she’s with her half-sister Maddie.

Weird Facts About Her, Maddie Ziegler

  • Her sister was nicknamed Maddie Mumu when she was little, which she finds strange.
  • If she was in a foul mood, she was also known as Mad Dog.
  • Her sister had an odd habit of constantly wiping her horse along as though the water would drip out from one side.
  • Her sister has a spider phobia and is frightened of them.
  • She is familiar with the song “Make Me Cry,” and she often listens to it, blasting it in the vehicle and even in the shower.
  • She used to bite her nails a lot, but her bad habit now is messing with her hair.

Her Mother and Father

Greg Gisoni is her father’s name. He is Westinghouse Energy Center’s nuclear vice president and project director. He is descended from an Italian Vietnam family. Right now, there is no information regarding her mother. Her parents’ marriage was terminated due to irreconcilable disagreements. The couple is the parents of two children.

Michele Gisoni
Michele Gisoni (Source: Google)


Melissa Gisoni is her stepmother’s name. She was born on June 13, 1968. She is a well-known television personality. She is well-known for her role in the TV show ‘Dance Moms.’ In 2013, she married Greg. The couple is still together, and there have been no problems in their marriage up to this point. In 2009, she divorced her first spouse, Kurt Ziegler. She has two children from a previous marriage with him. She has a number of pictures of her kid on her Instagram page.

In An Interview With Sister

Maddie Ziegler, the dancing moms breakthrough star, actress, and author was welcomed on ‘The Talkshow.’ When she gets complimented on her elegance, she is overjoyed. She felt terrible for herself since she couldn’t drive the vehicle she got as a present from her closest friend, Sia. On Sia, who directed her film and appeared in six music videos with her, the actress said she is a wonderful person who has had a huge influence on her and her career, and he is very grateful to her.

When questioned about the fan response when she and Sia are together, she said it’s pretty amusing and recounted a time when a fan addressed Sia as her mother and requested her to take the picture. She also expressed respect for Miley Cyrus, who began her career as a youngster. In regards to her next book, ‘Call Back,’ she said that it would contain some of her experiences from her competitive and difficult upbringing on Dance Moms. And the later world of self-awareness that winning a prize and competing is worthless in comparison to sharing love and support.

She stated that her discouraged sister was on the verge of leaving dancing due to the comparison drawn with her. But she is now proud of herself for excelling and making it to the finals of the ‘Dancing with the Stars program. When one of the hostesses teased her, she explained with a nice grin that Khylin is her close friend.

Maddie Ziegler, her half-sister

Madison Nicole Ziegler, better known as Maddie Ziegler, is an American dancer, actor, and model. She rose to prominence after participating on the reality program ‘Dance Moms’ in 2011. She was born on September 30, 2002, in Pennsylvania, USA. She has a lot of skills. So far, she has participated in many models, television shows, movies, and dance competitions as a judge.

On Instagram, she often posts pictures of herself with her lover. She refers to him as the closest friend, but there is more to this. On his birthday, she shared a picture with the message “Happy birthday…”

Mackenzie Ziegler, her half-sister

Mackenzie Ziegler’s full name is Mackenzie Ziegler. Frances Ziegler, like her sister, is a dancer, model, and actor. She rose to fame after participating in the reality program ‘Dance Moms’ when she was only six years old. She was born on June 4, 2004 in Pennsylvania, USA. She has also appeared in a number of television programs, series, music videos, and other projects.

She is also in a relationship with a man. On January 2, 2020, she uploaded a picture of him on his Instagram account with the comment “Half-Sisters.” “best day ever”

Her Marriage Situation

Her personal life is something she wants to keep secret. So it’s difficult to comment on her dating and love relationships. She is not married at the moment, therefore all the talk about her having a spouse is nonsense.

Sister Discusses Her Reaction to Meeting Justin

Mackenzie Gisoni, Michele Gisoni’s sister, answers questions about herself. She was honest about her most humiliating incident, which was when she was three and on stage at a dancing performance, clawing her buttocks in front of everyone. Kenzie said that she was starstruck when she met Justin Bieber at the ‘Teen Choice Awards when she was eight years old, adding that she was freaking out and even crying her eyes out.

Chase Stokes, who plays John B from ‘Outer Banks,’ is her most recent celebrity infatuation. She stated that many would be shocked to discover that she enjoys playing video games. Kenzie said that she had a strange fan interaction a few months back when hanging out at ‘Crave,’ and this fan traveled from Australia to meet her. Kenzie went on to say that her most humiliating habit was nail-biting.

When asked about her ideal music collaboration, she suggested Billie Eilish. Her favorite foods are peanut butter and jelly, and her favorite dish is Brussels sprouts. She typically unwinds by laying in bed and watching TikTok videos. According to her, she has been bingeing on ‘The Society,’ and her most recent TV binge was ‘Outer Banks.’ When asked what superpower she would want, she says she would like to be able to read people’s thoughts because she wants to know what they think of her. When asked about working with Sia, she stated she was fantastic, uplifted, and supportive.

Mackenzie Ziegler, Michele Gisoni’s sister, described her life as “fun.”

Mackenzie Ziegler, Michele Gisoni’s sister, described her life as “happy and chaotic.” She always saw herself as a dancer, competing in contests and Nationals, and eventually winning the championship, but reality appears to have different plans for her after working on a television program at the age of six. She said that she didn’t participate in dances when she was younger since she didn’t believe she was a good dancer.

Mackenzie went on to say that she didn’t want to dance and that it was her mother who pushed her into it since her sister was, but she ultimately fell in love with it. When asked whether it was strange or natural for her to spend her life with the lens on, she said that it was strange when she was six, but now it’s usual. They then discussed social media influencers and the connection she has with them.

Michele Gisoni
Michele Gisoni (Source: google)

Mackenzie began taking vocal lessons at six, and by nine, she had completed her debut record. According to her, she is more confident now that she has begun to compose songs and other things. She feels social media “Monsters” are bored and want to pull her down. Mackenzie wants to be as famous as Ariana Grande and travel alone. Mackenzie dislikes comparisons to her sister because they’re close and she’s not competitive.

Abby Lee Miller, their instructor, and her sister’s connection

Maddie and Mackenzie Michele, the Michele sisters, do not have a good connection with their “Dance Mom” instructor Abby Lee Miller. Abby often seems to be casting aspersions on the sisters for how they neglected and abandoned her in their lives and job choices. Most recently, Abby made fun of Mackenzie’s singing career. She was commenting about Kenzie’s singing career in her YouTube shoe “Ask Abby.”

The footage was subsequently posted on the ‘Drama Instagram account and ‘The TikTok Room,’ where Kenzie first viewed it. She then remarked on the video that she enjoys it when people can’t keep her name out of their lips for her to remain relevant.

One of the greatest days of her life

Maddie Ziegler regards her appearance on Jimmy Fallon’s program as one of the greatest days of her life. When she was 11 years old, Jimmy met her for the first time on Ellen’s program. He is a “Dance Moms” enthusiast. It’s the same program that got Sia hooked on her. She used to be a die-hard fan of the program. Maddie Gisoni, Michele Gisoni’s sister, has been in nearly all of her music videos and regards Sia as the greatest person in her life. Sia, Maddie’s Godmother, approached her.

Jimmy was taken aback when he saw Maddie was dressed in Sia’s wedding shower gown. Maddie went on to say that she is Sia’s kid and that she has always wanted to dress her daughter up and put her in various fashionable outfits, and the dress fit like a glove. She also mentioned Sia’s reaction as a stage parent. That outfit, according to her, was quite unique and meant a lot to her. They then discussed her book, “The Callback,” and her involvement in a group called “Bad Dancing.”

Disagreement about her part in Sia’s film “Music.”

Sia’s directorial debut is “Music,” which she also co-wrote. It will be available in February 2021. Music, an adolescent with autism, is the protagonist of the film. The issue began when she chose Maddie Ziegler for the part rather of someone on the autistic spectrum. The movie teaser drew so much criticism that the hashtag #SiaDoesntSpeakForUs quickly became trending.

Michele Gisoni
Michele Gisoni (Source: google)

Later, Sia replied to many of her criticisms, one of which was that she had cast 13 “neurotypical individuals” in the film for various parts, according to one of her tweets. Sia stated in another tweet that she did attempt and afterward felt sympathetic to use Maddie, and it was her decision.

Net Worth

She is very wealthy and well-paid. Her salary and earnings, however, have yet to be disclosed. It is being reviewed, and our research team is working on it.  Her half-sisters are well-known people. They have a large revenue and pay. Maddie Ziegler is worth $5 million USD as of  March 2024. She earns that much money via her many professions, which include acting, modeling, dancing, and many more. Her endorsements increase her wealth. Mackenzie Ziegler has a sizable net worth despite her early age. She has a fortune of three million dollars. She earns that amount of money via her acting and dance careers.

Maddie Ziegler has previously featured on a number of reality and discussion programs. Some programs are included here, along with their IMDb and TV.com ratings. ‘Dance Moms’ is an American reality television series that premiered on July 13, 2011. She was featured in the program’s first season when she was eight years old. It received 4.6 IMDb ratings. She has been on the comedic talk program ‘The Ellen DeGeneres Show’ six times. The program premiered on September 8, 2003. It has a 7.1 IMDb rating and an 8.7 TV.com rating. She has also featured in three episodes of the chat program ‘The View.’ The program premiered on August 11, 1997. It has a rating of 3.9 on TV.com and a rating of 2.7 on IMDb.