Who Is Lindsay Carmine From “Survivor” Season 43?

Lindsay Carmine

Lindsay Carmine, a pediatric nurse, is one of the new faces on CBS’s iconic reality program Survivor this season. The series, directed by Jeff Probst, is based on the Swedish television series Expedition Robinson, which debuted in 1997. The Emmy Award-winning show puts the participants’ strategy, physical and mental endurance, and flexibility to the test.

These contestants must traverse difficult social games and form alliances in order to reach the final round and win a $1 million reward as well as the title of ‘Sole Survivor.’ Here’s additional information about Lindsay Carmine and the famous reality show.

Lindsay Carmine’s Bio

Lindsay Carmine is the newest member of Survivor Season 43, and she is unlike the others. She has dedicated her life to serving as a pediatric nurse and as a supporter of her family in times of victory and grief. Her hometown is Downingtown, Pennsylvania. The 42-year-old ultimately realized her two-decade-long ambition, but she still considers herself an underdog owing to her age and the perception of Southern hospitality. Carmine is pleased to be on the program and said the following:

“As one of the older players, I believe people would underestimate me, so I’m delighted to come out here and take chances that I wouldn’t be able to do in my regular life.”

Lindsay Carmine

Lindsay Carmine and her connection to the program

Lindsay Carmine revealed to Parade that she has been applying to play Survivor for the last 22 years. She only began actively applying after her mother died of breast cancer and she had two life-threatening miscarriages. Despite having accomplished much in her life as a pediatric nurse with two children and a lawyer husband, she felt she wanted to do something for herself.

When questioned about her Survivor fandom history, she revealed:

“So I’m an unashamed superfan. I’ve been watching since the first episode of season one. My mother sat me down for the first episode of season one and said, “Lindsay, I’d want to show you something. There is a game that is ideal for you.” And I sat down to watch it, and my family and I haven’t stopped since. I knew deep down in my spirit and core of my body that I would one day be on Survivor.”

Lindsay Carmine, a nurse, believes she offers a lot to the table, particularly her interpersonal abilities. As she progresses through the play, she will depend on the tactics and lessons of a nurse. She was born in Greensboro, North Carolina, but considers Philadelphia to have given her street smarts and opened her eyes to culture. She claims to have become more empathetic and open-minded.

Lindsay Carmine

More About Survivor Season 43

Season 43 of Survivor will start on CBS on Wednesday, September 21 at 8 p.m. ET/PT with a special two-hour episode. The reality show will feature 18 new candidates who will be tested to their limits over the course of 26 days. On March 9, 2022, the show’s 43rd and 44th seasons were ordered.┬áThe first three tribes in this season of Survivor will be Vesi (red), Baka (yellow), and Coco (blue). Hidden immunity idols, as well as the “Beware” advantage, will be available. The Change History hourglass and the Do-or-Die game of chance at the Tribal Council, on the other hand, will not appear.