Who is Kyle Abrams from Love Is Blind?

Kyle Abrams

Love Is Blind’s second season is planned to release on Netflix. Kyle Abrams is one of the candidates on the program looking for love. Abrams, a glazier by trade, is a 29-year-old Chicago native. According to his Instagram account, he is a water sports enthusiast who enjoys jet ski trips. There are several photographs of him executing feats such as high leaps while skiing. Aside from being a water baby, he is a pet enthusiast who has posted a few images of himself with his dogs on social media. In fact, his first Instagram post was of his dog Marley.

The glazier is also a photographer, as seen by the postcard-worthy photographs of buildings and streets on his Instagram account. However, he is not very good at providing captions, and the majority of his postings have no captions. However, some of his photos are titled “#Grammaster,” indicating that he is a self-proclaimed master of Instagram photography.

What is Kyle Abrams’s greatest pet peeve?

There isn’t much information about his family online, but he does have a photo of himself holding his newborn niece. Abrams has a sister called Brittany, according to the remarks. In December 2013, the competitor also posted an old photo of his grandma. Meanwhile, in Love Is Blind Season 2, he is all ready to discover true love. In his introduction video, he discusses the kind of person he is seeking for.

Kyle Abrams

“I’m seeking for someone that can make me laugh and brighten me up.”

He also expressed a personal annoyance of his.

“My greatest pet hate is someone who has a gloomy outlook.”

Kyle Abrams

How many singles are expected to take part in Love Is Blind?

Love Is Blind will be available on Netflix on Friday, February 11th. According to the official summary,

“Singles strive to find a match and fall in love – without ever meeting face to face, as emotional connection tries to overcome physical appeal.”


Thirty individuals will be accepted as competitors on the dating program. Abhishek ‘Shake’ Chatterjee, Jason Beaumont, Brandon McGhee, Brian Ngo, James “Joey” Miller, Jarrette Jones, Jeremy Hartwell, Nick Thompson, Kyle Abrams, Rocky Smith, Shayne Jansen, Salvador Perez, Vito Salamone, Julius Cacho, and Haseeb Husn are among those involved.