Who Is Keren Montero Mendoza From “America’s Got Talent: All-Stars 2023”?

Keren Montero Mendoza

America’s Got Talent (AGT) is one of NBC’s most successful reality TV competition programs, and a fresh new spin-off series dubbed America’s Got Talent: All-Stars is slated to launch. Former performers who left an impact on the judges and audience in previous versions of the talent competition will be featured on the program. They’ll come back this time to attempt to win the title.

Sixty past competitors who were fan favorites, winners, and finalists on previous episodes of the talent show will return to compete for the title of America’s Got Talent: All-Stars. America’s Got Talent: All-Stars will debut on NBC on Monday, January 2, 2023, at 8 p.m. ET/ 7 p.m. CT. Fans will watch a range of talent take center stage, including magicians, singers, dancers, musicians, poets, risky acts, novelty acts, ventriloquists, and aerial acts. Keren Montero Mendoza, a singer who previously competed in and won Dominicana’s Got Talent season 2, is one of the contenders competing. She will now compete in America’s Got Talent: All-Stars for the crown.

Keren Montero Mendoza, 16, is a Christian singer who competed on America’s Got Talent: All-Stars.

Keren Montero Mendoza made her debut on Dominicana’s Got Talent. During her tryouts, she sang Rise Up, a gospel song, and captivated the hearts of all of the judges. She also got the coveted Golden Buzzer during her audition, advancing her to the next round. She is 16 years old and attends Look At Me International School. She said in her LinkedIn profile,

“It is critical for me to continue learning about what I like and to educate those who need it. I am a Christian singer with considerable expertise in the field despite my young age. I’ve been a judge in singing competitions, and I’ve also won first place in major competitions like Dominican’s Got Talent. So I believe I can share a lot of my expertise with others.”

Keren Montero Mendoza

She also has a personal Instagram account with over 74k followers. She said in her Instagram profile,

“Christ-worshipper and singer. I owe everything to God.”

She often posts videos of herself singing while conducting adoration and worship at her church. Keren released a Gospel song named Christo Vuelve earlier this year, in January. She has also been featured on a number of programs where she has performed. Keren also has a YouTube account with over 18k subscribers.

Keren Montero Mendoza

Aside from Karen, other performers on America’s Got Talent: All-Stars include Brandon Leake, a spoken word poet, Keiichi Iwasaki, a Japanese magician, Dustin Dojo, a karate duo, Dustin Tavella, a magician, Brett Loudermilk, a sword swallower, Captain Ruin, a knife thrower, Kody Lee, a musician, and many more. America’s Got Talent: All-Stars will air exclusively on NBC on Monday, January 2, 2023, at 8 p.m. ET. Readers may find additional information in their local listings. If viewers miss the program, they may watch it the next day on Peacock.