Who Is Kate Kalvach From “The Voice” Season 22?

Kate Kalvach

On Tuesday, NBC broadcast Episode 14 of The Voice 2022 (season 22), which included a three-way knockout round. Three participants from the same squad battle against each other in this round. Following their separate performances, the coach of each team promotes one of them to the Live Playoffs, while the other two are sent home.

Kate Kalvach of Team Blake battled against her teammates Bryce Leatherwood and Jay Allen in The Voice Season 22 Episode 14. Despite her incredible performance, coach Blake Shelton chose Bryce over her, which meant she was eliminated. Coach Camila Cabello, on the other hand, would not allow it to happen and took Kate for her squad.

What happened to Kate in Season 22 Episode 14 of The Voice?

Blake Shelton chose three contenders for the three-way knockout round: Kate Kalvach, Bryce Leatherwood, and Jay Allen. All of the coaches/judges applauded Kate’s vocals after her performance of Justin Bieber’s Anyone. Even though John Legend urged that Blake choose Kate, her coach opted to “roll the dice” and choose Bryce for the following round. Kate and Jay were therefore eliminated from The Voice Season 22. The coaches couldn’t let Kate leave the stage after saying goodbye to Jay. Camila was about to take her for her squad when John slammed the buzzer and snatched her for his. But the Seorita singer didn’t give up and persuaded Kate to join her squad.

Kate Kalvach

Camila noted that she and Kate had a history, alluding to the time when the award-winning singer passionately wanted the candidate on her team during Blind Auditions. She even prevented coach Gwen Stefani from adding Kate to her squad, but Blake silenced Camila and snatched the participant for his team.

Camila recalled the episode and persuaded Kate to select her over John Legend on The Voice Season 22 Episode 14. Kate was overwhelmed and perplexed, but she ultimately chose Camila. This means Kate was spared elimination and will continue to perform in the program as a member of Team Camila.

All About Kate Kalvach

Kate Kalvach, a The Voice 2022 participant, has switched from Team Blake to Team Camila. The contestant is from Oklahoma City, where she is the creative director of Hope Connection Church. Kate was up in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and is married to singer/rapper Matt Kalvach, nicknamed Kalwich. She met him at Southwestern Christian University, where she earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Music Business and Technology. In their spare time, the duo likes working on songs.

The 27-year-old candidate dedicated her Episode 14 performance on The Voice to her spouse, who supposedly encouraged her to sing outside the church. Kate’s NBC profile included further information on the artist.

According to the bio:

“Kate grew raised in a pastor’s family and began singing at her parents’ church.” Kate’s parents are both highly musical and have had a huge effect on her. Despite her Christian background, Kate likes creating and performing pop tunes. Kate and Matt met in college via their jazz ensemble.”

Kate Kalvach

It went on to say:

“Matt is a rising rapper from the Czech Republic.” Their shared love of music drew them together, and they married in 2018. Matt has pushed Kate beyond her comfort zone and is one of the key reasons she is performing on ‘The Voice,’ sharpening each other’s differences.”

Next week, Kate will be seen competing for Camila Cabello’s squad. Camila is joined on the coaching team by Blake Shelton, Gwen Stefani, and John Legend. The Voice Season 22 premieres new episodes every Monday and Tuesday at 8 p.m. ET, hosted by Carson Daly. It is also available to watch on Peacock TV.