Who Is Holly Brand From “The Voice” Season 23?

Holly Brand

The Voice will resume for a fresh season on Monday. During their tryouts, a new group of vocalists will emerge as they vie for one or more chair shifts. Holly Brand, a previous Miss Mississippi who won the title in 2021, is one of the candidates scheduled to participate in the forthcoming season. On Monday, March 6, at 8 p.m. ET, NBC will air the season debut of The Voice season 23.

Brand New You is co-owned by Holly Brand

Holly Brand is one of the vocalists scheduled to participate in the forthcoming season of The Voice. Because she has previously participated in pageants, the candidate is no novice to the strain of acting on stage. She was named Miss Mississippi in 2021 and went on to participate in the Miss America contest on its 100th jubilee, but she did not place in the top ten. She did, however, win a non-finalist talent grant while competing by performing House of the Rising Sun in the performance portion.

Holly Brand

This is not The Voice season 23 group member’s first time participating in a music challenge. Holly appeared on The Voice in 2013 and advanced past the tryout stages. During her youth, she was designated Mississippi’s Best Adolescent, and in 2019, she was crowned Miss Mississippi. Holly told Dark Horse Press in June 2021 that she began her pageant career at the age of six and that she used to watch the pageants on television and do her “little stance” in an effort to mimic the competitors and ask if she was getting it right.

She stated:

“But to think that when I go to Miss America there might be a little girl at home watching me and imitating with the Screen, it’s just crazy. Holly, six, couldn’t believe her good fortune.”

She stated that while she was upset that she did not win the contest before being awarded, she felt God was instructing her to attempt again. She went on to say that it was exasperating, particularly during Covid, and she often wondered why he gave her the idea but did not make it a reality.

The Voice season 23 candidate stated that she was unprepared for the title and could not have finished the job in the past. The model went on to talk about her family, saying that everyone in her family plays an instrument, and she herself plays three, one of which is the piano. She went on to say:

“When words fail, music communicates,” she says, quoting one of her favorite quotations. “So whenever I’m having a bad day or feeling down, I just settle down at my keyboard and perform my music and croon, and I instantly feel better.”

Holly Brand

In her birthplace of Meridian, the forthcoming season 23 candidate co-owns Brand New You Boutique. The apparel company takes pleasure in producing clothing, shoes, jewelry, handbags, and other items for women of all ages and sizes. The season debut of The Voice season 23 will air on Monday, March 6, at 8 p.m. ET.