Who Is George Fensom From “Love Island” Season 10? Controversy & Bio

George Fensom

Love Island UK season 10 is set to start next week, with a fresh cast of ten islanders. George Fensom, a 24-year-old business development professional from Bedford, is one of the candidates. Days before the season debut, he made news when his ex-girlfriend’s TikTok video went viral.

She attacked George in the article, calling him a “cheat” and a “narcissist.” TikToker Ebony Skeeley posted the video in 2022, and it was just discovered online. The video includes a few photos of the two with lines or phrases scrawled on them. While two of the pictures had the aforementioned statements, she scribbled “constantly lied to others and made empty promises” in one. Neither George nor Love Island have responded to the criticism.

Fan assertions George Fensom’s Twitter account was deactivated by the Love Island staff.

George Fensom found himself in hot water ahead of the debut of Love Island season 10. According to reports, his ex-girlfriend Ebony Skeeley’s old TikTok post in which she bashed George appeared online. She called him a “cheat” and a “narcissist.” Along with this tweet, Twitter users uploaded a couple of images of George using homophobic lingo. Due to the outrage, one fan claimed that Love Island deactivated the islander’s Twitter account. Fans also chastised the ITV program for bringing in individuals like George. Only time will tell if George will win over Love Island fans once season 10 episodes air.

George Fensom

Meet Bedford’s George Fensom.

George Fensom is a Bedford-based business development professional. While his Instagram name didn’t tell anything about him, the 24-year-old islander’s LinkedIn page provided professional information. His bio says as follows:

“An enthusiastic and hardworking individual who can demonstrate a strong work ethic in a fast-paced work environment.”

He is presently employed as a business development executive at The British Standards Institution (BSI). He previously worked as a property paralegal at Premier Solicitors and as a sales negotiator at Goodacres Residential.¬†George mentioned in his ITV profile for Love Island that he is “always dancing” and that his go-to move is the “Dad dance.” He also claims to have funny father jokes for his fellow islanders.

He identified himself as “white,” “tanned,” and a “clean-cut lad” with no piercings or tattoos in his audio description for the performance. He also said that he often goes to the gym and prefers “high-quality basic stuff” over “flashy brands.” In his inaugural video, George stated:

“I like talking to people. I feel like I have the gift of the gap; the difference is that I can customize my conversation to the occasion. So if I’m conversing with someone in their 40s or 50s, I may start talking about Bingo, but until someone in their 20s, 22s, or 23s, I talk about TikTok.”

George Fensom

He went on to say:

“People would describe me as cheeky, chappy, fun, vibrant, and a little bit of an s-boy.” You might nickname myself Bradley Walsh because I live for the chase. I’m simply looking forward to meeting the lady of my dreams and getting started.”

George will enter the mansion with nine other islanders. The first OG group will choose each other and become the season’s first five pairs.¬†Love Island season 10 will premiere on ITV2 and ITVX on Monday, June 5, 2023, hosted by Maya Jama.