Who Is Galia Finkelstein? Meet Chaim Topol Wife: Married Life And Kids

Chaim Topol

Galia Finkelstein, Chaim Topol’s wife, is in mourning after her husband’s untimely death. Continue reading to find out more about Chaim’s family and net worth. Chaim Topol, sometimes known as Haym Topol and just Topol, was an Israeli actor, singer, and illustrator. Between the late 1960s and 2009, the actor portrayed Tevye, the principal role in both the 1971 film version and the stage production of Fiddler on the Roof. Topol, who was known only by his last name, died on Wednesday at home in Israel, according to local media. Chaim Topol was accompanied by his wife and family till his final breath. The singer’s son recently disclosed that he had been diagnosed with dementia the previous year.

In a statement announcing his death, Israel’s president, Isaac Herzog, described the artist as “a talented actor who dominated numerous stages in Israel and abroad, filled the cinema screens with his presence, and especially entered deep into our hearts.”

Galia Finkelstein, Chaim Topol’s Wife: Family And Children

Chaim Topol started acting in the 1950s while serving in the Israeli army when he met his future wife, Galia Finkelstein. In October 1956, the actor married his bride and they were living happily ever after. The couple had three children: one boy, Omer Topol, and two daughters, Anat and Ady Topol. Anat Topol, one of Topol’s children, played the role of ‘Chava’ in a 1995 production of ‘Fiddler on the Roof.

Chaim Topol

Chaim’s son Omer revealed in June 2022 that his father suffers from Alzheimer’s disease. Topol’s family informed the media that he was in his last hours and begged the public to respect their privacy. Chaim Topol’s wife and family have received many prayers and condolences from people all around the world after his untimely death on March 8, 2023. His father, Jacob Topol, was a plasterer, and his mother, Imrela Rel, was a seamstress by trade when he was born. Chaim was born in Tel Aviv, Mandatory Palestine, now Israel, on September 9, 1935. When he was 87 years old, the performer passed away.

Topol’s parents were members of Warsaw’s Betar Zionist youth organization before immigrating. His father is from a Hasidic family. His father belonged to the Aleksander Hasidic sect, while his mother was from a Gerrer Hasidic family. Chaim and his two younger sisters grew raised in South Tel Aviv’s Florentin working-class area.

Chaim Topol’s Net Worth

According to Popular Bio, Chaim Topol’s net worth is expected to reach over $60 million in 2023. Unfortunately, the actor did not reveal his professional earnings or compensation to the media. Topol was awarded Israel’s Kinor David medal for arts and entertainment in 1964. For the singer’s performance in the 1972 film Follow Me! Topol founded Variety Israel in 1967 to assist children with special needs. He was also a Jordan River Village co-founder and board chairman.

Chaim Topol

The actor was named Best Actor at the San Sebastián International Film Festival. Chaim was named an Exceptional Member of the Israel Festival in 2008 for his contributions to Israeli culture. In 2014, the artist was awarded an honorary degree by the University of Haifa in recognition of his 50 years of commitment to Israeli culture and politics. In 2015, Chaim was also given the Israel Prize for lifetime accomplishment. In 1981, Weindenfel and Nicholson of London published the actor’s autobiography, Topol by Topol. Topol’s other publications include To Life! (1994) and Topol’s Treasure of Jewish Comedy, Wit, and Wisdom.