Who Is Emily Head? Meet Daisy Head Sister: Wiki And Family

Emily Head

Daisy Head is an English actress who has appeared in several films. As a result, let’s discover more about her personal life, including Daisy Head’s sister, family, and net worth. Daisy Head is an aspiring actress who has been on television and in films. She was born on March 17, 1991, in England, UK, to an acting family. Her father, Anthony Head, is an actor who has appeared in series such as “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” and “Merlin,” and her mother, Sarah Fisher, is also an actress.

Daisy began her acting career in 2004 and has since been in various TV programs such as “Guilt,” “Harlots,” and “The Syndicate.” She has been active in several charitable and humanitarian projects in addition to her professional job. Daisy has made a name for herself as a great entertainment actor and is now working on new projects.

Who Is Daisy Head’s Sister Emily Head?

Emily Head is Daisy Head’s elder sister and an English actress. She was born in Fulham, London, England, on December 15, 1988. Emily Head, like her sister and parents, is an actress who has acted in many TV episodes and films. Daisy Head’s sister, the Shadow and Bone actress is best remembered for her role as Carli D’Amato in the popular British TV comedy “The Inbetweeners.” She has also starred in the television shows “Emmerdale” and “The Syndicate.” Emily Head has done voice acting and featured in various radio plays in addition to her acting activities. Furthermore, when it comes to Actor Anthony Head’s eldest daughter, Emily, her educational history includes a BTEC degree in acting from the BRIT School in Croydon.

Emily Head

She also went to school with Adele and Katy B. Even though Emily has yet to appear in a big-budget film, she has captured the hearts of many people. While both sisters have pursued acting careers, they have yet to star in a film or television program together. They have shown an interest in working together in the future, thus they may work on a project together at some time. The Head siblings have a close connection, which we hope will continue.

A Look into Daisy Head’s Family History

As previously stated, the Shadow and Bone actress hails from an acting family. Her father, Anthony Head, and mother, Sarah Fisher, are also actors, as is her older sister. Daisy Head’s parents also married in 1982 and are still going strong today. The happy marriage of over three decades seems to have been built on complete faith and trust.
Daisy is connected to the late actor and musician Murray Head, who was her father’s cousin, in addition to her relatives. Daisy and Emily Head have established themselves as excellent performers in their own right, while their father, Anthony Head, is still active in the field.

Emily Head

Daisy Head’s Net Worth in 2023

Daisy Head has a net worth of $5 million, according to The Wiki Feed. Her net worth is expected to rise as she continues to work on new projects and establish herself as a notable actor in the business. We wish the Shadow and Bone star the best of luck in her future undertakings.