Who Is Diane Plese? Here’s Everything You Need To Know About Her

Diane Plese

Diane Plese is a very accomplished optometrist. More than her profession, she is well-known since she was married to her celebrity businessman husband, Robert Herjavec.

Quick Facts

Full NameDiane Plese
First NameDiane
Last NamePlese
Birth Date1959
Gender IdentityFemale
Sexual OrientationStraight
Marital StatusDivorced
SpouseRobert Herjavec
No Of Children3
Net worth$25 million

Who is Diane Plese married to, or is she divorced?

Diane Plese married her spouse after dating for a while. Robert took their relationship as boyfriend and girlfriend a step further, and the pair was passionately in love with one other. After 25 years of marriage, the pair considered divorce, which was not pleasant for Robert. According to news and sources, Robert attempted suicide following the divorce because he couldn’t take it.

As he said to PEOPLE in 2015, he just wanted to terminate his life. He also said that it was a terrible year for him. He and Diane were wonderful parents, but he said life had some terrible twists and turns. Because of Robert’s romance with his Dancing with the Stars partner Kym Johnson, there were many speculations about their divorce. However, since Robert was so sad following the divorce, it’s possible that severing connections and ending the relationship with Diana Plese was not entirely his choice. Diana Plese and Robert Herjavec have three children. Their children’s names are Brendan, Skye, and Caprice. Brendan is her son, while Skye and Caprice are her daughters.

Diane Plese
Diane Plese (Source: Google)

Her Ex-Wife’s Husband’s

Following their divorce, Robert announced his connection with Kym Johnson. The couple soon became engaged, which was followed by marriage. They married in Los Angeles, California in 2016. They have welcomed twins into their life. Hudson and Haven are the names they have given to their children. The four-person family lives happily and healthy in their Hidden Hills home. There were rumors in the middle of 2017 that Robert had sued his ex-girlfriend for extortion. There were also rumors that he was being sued for sexual assault.

Kym’s Opinion on Having More Children

Kym Johnson discusses her future family plans with The Morning Show. When questioned about having additional children, she replies they might consider it if their children were younger. She considers herself and her spouse to be fortunate to have two healthy children. They adore infinity. During the interview, she presents her twin kids to the show’s presenters. She expresses how much they like dancing.

She also mentions how much she and her husband miss Australia throughout the interview. Robert’s article about missing Australian beaches shows how much they miss the area. However, the pair will be unable to go to Australia anytime soon since Robert has business in America and would be unable to relocate quickly. The family is simply waiting for the day when everyone can go to Australia.

What is Diana Plese’s net worth?

Diana Please and Robert Herjavec did not have a prenuptial agreement when they married. Diane Plese has a net worth of $25 million dollars as of January 2024. as a result of the court ruling. Robert Herjavec will pay his ex-wife Diane Please a staggering 125,000 dollars each month in support. Robert must also give her a staggering 25 million dollars from his wealth. This judgment has been made by the Ontario Superior Court.

Diane Plese
Diane Plese (Source: Google)

A legal fight erupted between them, and everything was at risk, from the number of parking spaces—seven to ten—inside the garage of their massive 22,500 home to Robert’s real estate holdings. Diane already had $20 million in assets for the marriage, and the money just kept coming in. She received an extra 2.6 million dollars in equalization payments. Not only that, but she will also get 2.4 million dollars when Robert’s Florida home is sold. She will also get one-third of Caledon’s Ski Chalet. It is worth a whopping 400,000 dollars—a total of 25 million dollars in her purse. The primary cause for the divorce is Robert’s connection and extramarital affair with Kym Johnson.