Who is Debra Jeter? Everything You Need To Know About Her

Who is Debra Jeter?

Debra Jeter made headlines in early June 2009 after dialing 911 and calmly telling the dispatcher, “I just killed my children.” What exactly happened?

It’s been nearly ten years since Debra Jeter called 911 to confess to killing her two children. Surprisingly, one of her daughters, Kiersten, 13, was still alive and struggling for her life. Despite the fact that her mother, Debra, was a nurse, she refused to attend to her and instead roamed through the house while waiting for emergency assistance. The events of that tragic June day are detailed here.

Quick Facts

Full nameDebra Janelle Jeter
Date of birth20 November 1962
Place of birthRandolph Co., Georgia
Age60 years
Zodiac signScorpio
ParentsLate Billy and Palona Jeter
Ex-spouseLester (Lee)
ChildrenKiersten, Kelsey (deceased)

Who is Debra Jeter?

Debra Janelle Jeter is an American woman who rose to prominence after committing the heinous act of murdering her two children, Kiersten and Kelsey Jeter. Unfortunately, on June 5, 2009, her 12-year-old Kelsey died and her 13-year-old Kiersten was struggling for her life.

Debra Jeter’s Age

She was born on November 20, 1962, in Randolph County, Georgia, and is approaching her 61st birthday. Debra Jeter was born too the late Billy and Palona Jeter.

Connection to Lee Jeter

It is unknown when Debra and Lester, better known as Lee, started a couple. What is known is that their love story did not end happily, as Lee filed for divorce in May 2009.

A neighbor who lived down the street from the Jeters reported that their home was frequently noisy, and they had to contact the police several times. Although it is unclear why Lee filed for divorce, it is evident that the news did not sit well with Debra.

As a result, she attempted suicide in front of her two children on May 31, 2009. Lee filed a restraining order against Debra after the distressing incident, fearing that she would hurt their children.

However, less than three weeks after the restraining order expired, the court gave Debra unsupervised visitation. Unfortunately, this is the occurrence that will put the two fragile young girls in jeopardy.

Who is Debra Jeter

The Horrible Event

Debra picked up her two daughters from their father on June 5, 2005, claiming to have a surprise for them. According to reports, the two girls were overjoyed to visit and spend time with their mother. Unaware of their mother’s wicked, twisted plans, she drove them to an abandoned farmhouse just off Interstate 35.

Once everyone was inside, Jeter pulled out a knife and attacked Kiersten first, who bravely yelled for her sister to flee. But Kelsey’s mother swiftly after her, and Kiersten was stabbed in the back while attempting to protect her younger sister from the savage attack.

Unfortunately for the two young girls, Debra was no match for them, and she viciously sliced Kelsey’s throat. She then sliced the wounded Kiersten’s throat as well. But she was still alive and asked her mother to call for help, which she did not, despite the fact that she was a registered nurse.

The Terrifying 911 Call

Jeter dialed 911 after completing the murder and informed the dispatcher that she had just killed her children. She went on to say that one of them was dead, but the other wanted to be saved and need emergency services.

While on the phone, Jeter could be heard assuring the injured Kiersten and pleading with the operator not to shoot her because she didn’t have a gun. Deputies came to find Debra with her hands raised and the murder weapon on the roof of a neighboring vehicle. She was detained and placed on suicide watch at the Hill County Law Enforcement Center right away.

Debra Jeter’s Sentence

The mother of two was charged with murder and attempted capital murder, and her bond was set at $1.5 million by the court. In May 2010, she pled guilty to the charges and accepted a plea deal that granted her life in prison without the possibility of parole. The plea kept her from facing the death penalty and kept her daughter Kiersten from testifying about her mother’s savagery.

What motivated Debra Jeter?

She allegedly informed her ex-husband Lester that she attacked the children because she was angry with him about their continuing divorce and custody disputes. She went on to say that she didn’t want her children to go through the agony of both incidents. Lester stated that Debra believed that taking everyone’s sorrow was the greatest way to deal with the circumstances.

Is Debra Jeter still alive?

There is no conclusive proof of her death, despite suspicions that she committed herself while serving her sentence at a Texas Department of Criminal Justice prison unit in Gatesville. Lee, her ex-husband, found love again and remarried.

What happened to Kiersten Jeter?

Kiersten went underground after surviving the murderous attack on her mother’s hands and has been living a quiet life away from media scrutiny.

What is the title of Debra Jeter’s Netflix film?

There is little information regarding the case available on Debra Jeter’s numerous social media profiles. Watching the Netflix 2022 original film Case and Survived Daughter Kiersten, on the other hand, will give you the whole Debra Jeter narrative.

Debra Jeter made headlines after severely killing one of the girls and attacking the other with the purpose of killing both. When the sad circumstances transpired, she was watching her two daughters for the first time since a restraining order against her was lifted.