Who Is Curtis Stone From “Iron Chef: Quest for an Iron Legend”?

Curtis Stone

Curtis Stone, a Michelin-starred celebrity chef, author, and television personality will now feature on Iron Chef: Quest for an Iron Legend, fighting alongside the show’s Challenger Chefs for the title of ‘Iron Legend.’ He will appear with four other Iron Chefs, including Marcus Samuelsson, Dominique Crenn, Gabriela Cámara, and Ming Tsai, in Iron Chef: Quest for an Iron Legend, which will premiere on Netflix on June 15th.

Curtis Stone From the Iron Chef on Netflix

He was born in 1975 to an accountant father, Bryan Stone, and a florist mother, Lorraine. His parents divorced when he was just two years old. His mother and grandmother instilled in him a love of cuisine when he was four years old. Curtis acquired a great interest in cuisine after tasting a batch of fudge made by his paternal grandmother. On his official website, Stone discusses the life-changing culinary encounter that shaped his future:

“Everything I know about food and cooking I learned from my mother and grandmother. My mother, Lozza, is an excellent chef and baker, and I would closely observe her every move as she worked.”

He went on to say:

“When I was four years old and a little tucker, I had my first genuinely memorable meal experience. I sampled my grandmother’s Yorkshire fudge, which was one of the first really sweet things I’d ever had. I couldn’t stop thinking about it. From that first taste, whenever I went to Granny’s house, we’d get busy in the kitchen and create fudge together. It was our specialty.”

Curtis Stone

Stone, the “greedy little monster who couldn’t get enough food,” began cooking and learning how to make food as an extension of his constant need to eat. He, who claims to “love to eat,” was also inspired by his best friend’s father, a chef who “kind of lived this rockstar lifestyle” with long hair and tattoos and “didn’t conform to my dad’s social circle where they all wore suits.” Curtis only wanted to be like him.

Stone studied for a Bachelor of Business after graduating from an all-boys high school before beginning his profession as a chef. Following that, at the age of 18, he finished an apprenticeship at the Savoy Hotel in Melbourne. He afterward moved to London to work with Britain’s most famous chef, Marco Pierre White. White promised to “work for free simply to learn from the absolute top of cooks!” despite his “great reputation for being insane, working absurd hours!”

Curtis Stone Career

He began his career in the Grill Room (Café Royal), and after a year, he was promoted to Chef de Partie at White’s new restaurant, Mirabelle. Stone was promoted to Sous Chef at the same restaurant after 6 months. The restaurant received its first Michelin star the same year. A year later, White promoted Stone to Head Chef at another of his London restaurants, Quo Vadis, where he was allowed to explore and add more Italian elements to the cuisine. With his abilities, Stone quickly ascended the success ladder and became one of the country’s most known chefs.

Curtis Stone

Other endeavors of Iron Chef Curtis Stone

Stone began his television career with the touring food program Surfing the Menu with Chef Ben O’Donoghue on ABC. Later, he hosted the worldwide TLC sensation Take Home Chef and the PBS series Field Trip. He has also been on other culinary shows, including Top Chef Masters and Iron Chef America, as well as countless talk show interviews. He’s also the author of a few volumes, including Surfing the Menu: Two Chefs, One Journey: A Fresh Food Adventure, and Cooking With Curtis: Easy, every day, and Adventurous Recipes for the Home Cook.


He also owns two restaurants, Maude in Los Angeles, which he opened on February 1, 2014, and Gwen in Hollywood, which he named after his maternal grandmother. He also co-owns a seaside restaurant, Shares, with Princess Cruises. Stone cooks his meals according to a simple rule:

“My culinary philosophy is to keep things simple and to prepare with natural ingredients, exactly as Mother Nature intended.”

Iron Chef: Quest for an Iron Legend will be available to stream on Netflix on Wednesday.