Who Is Colin MacRae Girlfriend?

Colin MacRae Girlfriend

Colin MacRae, the star of Below Deck Sailing Yacht, has found someone special and has been in love with her for about a year. Colin MacRae has revealed his girlfriend Silvia Latini to his followers on Instagram and his YouTube channel, Sailing Parlay Revival, after keeping their relationship covert for a year.

Colin MacRae’s girlfriend

Silvia Latini, the girlfriend of sailor Colin MacRae, is 31 years old and started her profession as a cashier in a clothes shop. She afterward worked as a consultant for another firm. She then spent six years in Terni, Italy, as a marketing manager for car business. She became a boat stewardess in Panama’s Sab Blas Islands in December 2019 after becoming dissatisfied with her demanding professional life.

Colin MacRae Girlfriend

After three months of working there, she met MacRae and discussed her goal of traveling across the globe. The sailor invited Latini to join his team after hearing her ideas. They embarked on a catamaran cruise around the globe two or three months later. She even filmed his Parlay Revival YouTube videos. Soon after, the cupid struck, and they started dating in January 2021.


On January 23, MacRae presented his girlfriend to his followers and announced their relationship on Instagram. In his most recent video on his YouTube channel, Sailing Parlay Revival, he even verified his relationship by sharing a romantic kiss with his lady love. MacRae was previously dating Martina Alvarez, but the pair “decided to go our own ways” in April 2021, according to the star’s Instagram.

Season 3 of Below Deck Sailing Yacht

Colin MacRae

The new season of Below Deck Sailing Yacht, a spin-off of the successful Bravo program Below Deck, covers all the activity of Captain Glenn Shephard, the leader of Parsifal III, and his crew that manages the luxury yacht. For the last 13 years, MacRae has worked as a Chief Engineer aboard superyachts. He joined Parsifal III during the second season and was well-liked by everybody owing to his pleasant personality.