Who is Chloe Radford? Wikipedia, Age, Siblings

Chloe Radford

Chloe Radford is Noel and Sue’s third child. She attended Plymouth University and then Lancaster University before returning home before completing her degree.

She planned to be a Nursery and Early Years teacher but changed her mind to become a make-up artist in the beauty industry. Before the epidemic, Chloe was a trainee make-up artist at Guys N Dolls Boutique, where a makeover and salon blow-dry cost £50.

In her earlier years, she, like her siblings, worked in her father Noel’s pie shop, which provides for the entire family.

“My daughter Chloe is the next generation of artisan pie makers!” Noel previously exclaimed about his daughter’s abilities in the family business.

“She has been helping me make pies in our bakery shop for 5 years and knows that patience is the key to a good pie.”

“She also makes suggestions for delicious new recipes.”

Is Chloe Radford active on social media?

Yes, Chloe routinely publishes photographs with her 149,000 Instagram followers that showcase her makeup artistry abilities. She’s been quite honest with her fans about all of the cosmetic operations she’s had, stating in one of her stories, “I think (I’ve had) 2.75(ml) altogether.”

“However, gradually. I have them done every 6 to 12 months.” Chloe also has a TikTok account, which she uses under the moniker @itschloexa.

Chloe Radford family
Chloe Radford family

Does Chloe Radford have any children?

Chloe and her boyfriend Jake welcomed a girl on July 23, 2022, and described themselves as being in “the biggest baby love bubble you can imagine” in a post.

Chloe stated in her first Instagram post after giving birth: “23rd July 2022. Our darling daughter has arrived, and we are in the largest baby love bubble you can imagine. “She’s 6lb 2oz of pure perfection, and I can’t believe she’s ours.” “I’m madly in love with her.”

Chloe Radford siblings

Chloe has 21 siblings in total. Her mother became pregnant at the age of 13, gave birth at the age of 14, and received Chris, the first of her 22 children.