Who Is Chelsey Jordan From “Love Is Blind” Season 3?

Chelsey Jordan

Season 3 of Love is Blind is poised to return with a fresh bunch of eager folks yearning for love. The program will send 15 men and 15 women on back-to-back blind dates until they find out whether they’ve discovered their true love. Chelsey Jordan, a 27-year-old customer success manager, is one such competitor who believes in going for what she wants. Jordan is more than eager to take part in the Netflix experiment in the hopes of meeting “the one.”

Tudum on Netflix reads the reality dating show’s description as follows:

“Get your gold goblets ready: Love Is Blind returns for Season 3 on October 19. The dating experiment’s hosts, Nick and Vanessa Lachey, return for the next episode, which will expose viewers to people eager to date — and even get engaged — eye unseen.”

The program will launch on the streaming platform giant on October 19 at 3 a.m. ET.

Chelsey Jordon is seeking someone as goofy as herself In Love is Blind season 3.

Season 3 of Love is Blind will follow Chelsey Jordon on her hunt for love. The 27-year-old customer success manager is from Dallas, as are the majority of the contenders this season. She just relocated to Chicago with her puppy, Sunny, which she adopted in March 2022. Jordan announced Sunny’s birth on Instagram, adding in the caption:

“In celebration of the spring equinox, I’m starting a new chapter in my life! Meet Sunny, also known as Sunny Bunny or Sunny with a Chance.”

Chelsey Jordan, a Love Is Blind season 3 candidate, is seeking someone who can make her laugh. Her Instagram account presently has 1,500 followers, which are expected to skyrocket after the episode airs. Chelsey seems to be someone who likes spending time outside with her buddies. According to her Love is Blind profile, Jordan is a flexible and extroverted lady who is eager to “rock it out.” She likes learning about the culture and her plants and hopes to meet someone who would “light her up.”

Chelsey Jordan

Her major hate is meeting people who are “unwilling to explore new things.” People like that, according to Jordan, are “extremely aggravating.”

Her bio also states:

“I believe in pursuing my dreams in life, and if it means finding love in a box, I’m prepared to do it.”

Jessica Gumbert, Julian Torres, Kalekia Adams, Kimberlee Clarke, Loren Langenbeck, Matt Bolton, Nancy Rodriguez, Nash Beuhler, Raven Ross, Sikiru Alagbada, Simmer Bajwa, Tony Taylor, Valerie Truong, Zach Gordon, and Zanab Jaffrey are among the other contestants set to appear alongside Chelsey Jordan on Love is Blind season 3.

Alexa Alfia, Amanda Peterson, Andrew Liu, Anthony LaScalea, Ashley Randermann, Bartise Bowden, Brannigan Maxwell, Brennon Lemieux, Charita Scott, Cole Barnett, Colleen Reed, Dale Dalida, and DaVonte Black are among others who have joined them.

Chelsey Jordan

More information about the program

The unique sociological experiment seeks to determine if individuals may fall in love without ever meeting or whether physical courting is crucial. Vanessa and Nick Lackey, who has presented the program from its start, will host the third season of Love is Blind.

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The Netflix series will consist of 12 episodes that will be released in four installments. The first batch will run on October 19, with three episodes following on October 26 and the next on November 2. The last batch of episodes will be released on the platform at 3 a.m. ET on November 9. So don’t miss Chelsey Jordan and the other candidates on the launch of Love Are Blind season 3 on Netflix on October 19 at 3 a.m. ET.