Who Is Ben Belack From “Buying Beverly Hills”?

Ben Belack

Buying Beverly Hills, branded as the “latest real estate occu-soap,” is now accessible on Netflix. The recently launched reality TV program concentrates on the personnel and customers of The Agency, which was formed in Beverly Hills, California by Mauricio Umansky. Mauricio and his two children, Farrah Brittany and Alexia Umansky, are the series’ major characters. The three are not new to the world of reality television. They previously starred on RHOBH (Real Housewives of Beverly Hills) with Kyle Richards. Buying Beverly Hills will also include the agents that work at The Agency with Mauricio.

Ben Belack, who has been with The Agency for six years, is one of them. He is The Agency’s Director of Residential Estates. According to his corporate description, he is continually on the go and “keeping his finger on the pulse of the market and ensuring that he is aware of all available inventory, both listed and off-market.”

Buying Beverly Hills’ Ben Belack has been in Jane the Virgin and Veronica Mars.

Ben’s self-described “claim to fame,” according to his Netflix profile, is that he is one of The Agency’s most social media aware agents. He has around 24k Instagram followers. In Beverly Hills, he is also rated No.16. Apart from working for The Agency, Ben seems to have his own firm named The Ben Belack Group, where he employs others. His firm promises to “represent the region’s greatest properties with excellent competence and the most cutting-edge technology presently accessible.

” The website also claims that they provide its customers with “absolute privacy and security, speed, and efficiency.”

Ben Belack

According to his website, the Buying Beverly Hills star has been involved in real estate deals totaling more than $250 million. He is presently reaching his tenth year in the real estate sector. Ben’s clientele also includes some of the most well-known names in the entertainment world. Ben grew raised in the hospitality sector and now works as a sommelier at the “highest level of numerous Michelin-starred restaurants.” Ben characterizes himself as “patient, attentive, purposeful, and collaborative” in his Instagram profile.

His Instagram account has postings about his listings, videos of him offering advice, images of him with his fiancée Amanda York, and other content. He has also labeled his highlights, which include information on his team, travel, house tours, listing tours, and publicity.

Ben Belack

The star of Buying Beverly Hills also has his own YouTube channel, which has over 5,000 followers. He also received around 1,200,577 views on his YouTube account. Ben’s distinct value is rooted on his “extensive background as a service professional.” In terms of relationships, Ben is now seeing his Agency coworker Amanda York. Ben has previously appeared as a guest star in popular television shows such as Jane the Virgin and Veronica Mars. He is now ranked 107th in California and 275th in the United States.