Who Is Aurora Culpo From “The Culpo Sisters”?

Aurora Culpo

The Culpo Sisters will launch on November 7 and will follow three sisters as they navigate their lives in Los Angeles. Former Miss Universe Olivia Culpo and her two sisters, Aurora and Sophia, star in the program. Aside from them, relatives and friends will make appearances on the broadcast. Aurora is the oldest of the group and serves as the group’s mother, while Sophia serves as the group’s mediator. The sisters are incredibly close yet often clash, as siblings do.

According to TLC’s news release:

“The Culpo sisters are jaw-dropping in that you never know what they’re going to wear…or say! THE CULPO SISTERS follows Aurora, Olivia, and Sophia Culpo as they navigate their Los Angeles lives, loves, families, and jobs.”

It goes on:

“What are their occupations? Don’t ask their parents, Susan and Peter, since they won’t know! For the first time, the three sisters share their homes and hearts in an intimate, no-holds-barred, and hilariously amusing manner.”

Meet the group’s mother, Aurora Culpo, before of the launch of The Culpo Sisters.

Aurora, the oldest of five siblings, describes herself as “bossy as trade.” The Culpo Sisters grew raised in Rhode Island in a close-knit Italian household with strong musical influences. The 33-year-old worked in the fields of behavior analysis and special education for many years.

Aurora Culpo

According to her bio:

“By nature, I’m a touch bossy. Sisters, come together!”

Previously, the Culpo Sisters star was married to Survivor alum Michael Bortone. Aurora filed for divorce in April 2022 after three years of marriage. The famous couple has two children, Remi and Solei, and during the divorce, the influencer and reality star requested shared custody of the children from the court. Aurora spoke up to her sisters about her connection with Michael in an exclusive sneak preview of the episode posted by E! News. She stated:

“I suppose we’re dealing with what marriage entails.”

She went on to say that evidently Michael and she had opposing views on marriage and that an Instagram account had reached out to her, informing her of her ex-adultery. husband’s When she challenged him about it, he ultimately acknowledged to being unfaithful to her and that it was not a one-time occurrence. When the relationship was doing well, the reality star told her siblings that she had agreed with him to allow him to hook up with a random stranger once a year. Her sisters inquired whether she could do the same, and she responded no, stunning them.

Aurora Culpo

The younger sister said in Olivia and Sophia’s confessional:

“What is going on? I have no idea what to think. So many thoughts are racing through my mind.”

The Culpo Sisters will air on Monday, November 7, at 9 p.m. ET, and will provide additional information about the sisters’ love life and other topics.