Who Are Linda Lewis Sister? Meet Dee And Shirley Lewis: Family And Net Worth

Linda Lewis

Linda Ann Fredericks, better known as Linda Lewis’ sister, is the late singer and composer Linda Ann Fredericks. Linda’s siblings and family history are discussed in detail. Linda Lewis was a late singer, composer, and vocalist. She was also an accomplished musician. Fans recalled her songs when ranking her top hits, best known for the tracks “Rock-a-Doodle-Doo” and “Sideway Shuffle.”

Similarly, Linda’s rendition of Betty Everett’s “Shoop Shoop Song (It’s in His Kiss)” was a late 1970s fan favorite. Lewis began her youthful music career in the late 1960s, and she was a music fan from a young age, so she played many finest songs throughout her music career. Linda was a big favorite at the time. Lewis was born to her parents on September 27, 1950, and died at 72, leaving behind her family and sisters, Dee Lewis and Shirley Lewis.

Meet Linda Lewis’s sisters, Dee and Shirley Lewis.

Linda Lewis has a family life in addition to her professional music career. Linda was a mother, a wife, and a sister. So, when researching her family history, her sisters are Dee Lewis and Shirley Lewis. Many people are interested in learning more about Dee and Shirley. Her sisters, like Linda, are well-known for their singing abilities. Shirley, one of Linda’s sisters, is a backup vocalist who received fame for her work with the late George Michael.

Linda Lewis

Shirley, meanwhile, was born in London and has collaborated with a number of performers, including Sting and Elton John. She also worked as a manager and producer in the early 2000s. Shirley’s voice may also be heard on several of George’s greatest songs, according to her IMDB page, since she performed as a backup vocalist for him. On the other hand, Dee Lewis is a well-known vocalist born in 1970. This year marks her 53rd birthday. She, like her sisters, is well-known for her incredible singing ability. Meanwhile, three of the Lewis sisters are divinely endowed singers who wow their followers. Professionally, Dee is a lyricist and composer, as well as a performer on several award-winning albums and film soundtracks.

Linda Lewis’s Family History- Meet Her Parents

Linda Lewis was 72 years old when she passed away. Exploring her background, she was born on September 27, 1950, in West Ham, Essex, England, together with her five siblings. Lewis was the oldest child of her parents, the names and details of whom are unknown at this time. Furthermore, comprehensive details of her family history are currently lacking. We do know Dee and Shirley were among Linda’s five siblings. She attended stage school while discussing her fledgling career. From an early age, the late singer was cast in non-speaking television and film parts such as A Taste of Honey and as a shouting fan in A Hard Day’s Night, the first Beatles film.

Linda Lewis

Linda Lewis’s Net Worth

Linda Lewis was one of the most successful and well-known singers in 2023, having spent more than half of her acting career in the music industry. Similarly, if Lewis’ earnings have yet to be computed, her net worth is considered to be in the million-dollar range. Furthermore, according to most online sources, her net worth is projected to be more than $10 million. Because the precise sum of Lewis’s net worth has remained unknown to fans and media outlets, we may compute her career earnings as $ 10 million, which may be more or less than the projected figure.