Who Are Kamalani Dung Parents? Meet Honey Rodrigues And Lance Dung

Kamalani Dung

People are curious about Honey Rodrigues, Lance Dung, and Kamalani Dung’s parents. Kamalani Dung is an American right-handed softball pitcher who also works as an actor, model, and philanthropist. Xeana Kamalani Dung, often referred to as “Kama Dung,” is a Waianae, Hawaii-born right-handed softball pitcher, actor, model, and philanthropist.

In addition to becoming the first Hawaiian pitcher in competitive softball history, she is a proud gold medallist.
Currently, Dung plays pitcher for both the Puerto Rican national softball team and the Athletes Unlimited Softball division. As a college and international athlete, she has taken part in many international contests and amassed a substantial fan following. Kamalani formerly played for the Fresno State Bulldogs and the California Golden Bears. Apart from her sports activities, Dung has also pursued a career in modeling. She has been highlighted in periodicals and has participated in several picture sessions. Let’s learn more about her parents and family history via this article.

Dung Kamalani’s Parents: Father Lance Dung and Mother Honey Rodrigues

Because of how well the Hawaiian softball pitcher has done during her career, many fans are curious about her location and want to know more about her parents. The right-handed softball player, however, came into the world with very supportive and loving parents. Her father, Lance Dung, and mother, Honey Rodrigues, are proud parents who have supported their devoted daughter unconditionally at every turn in her life.

Regretfully, her father Lance Dung, and mother Honey Rodrigues are no longer together; they were divorced a few years ago. The athlete mostly shares pictures of herself traveling with her mother, suggesting that she has moved in with her mother lately. Kamalani too hails from a helpful and kind family. Throughout her career, her parents have helped her navigate the opportunities and obstacles that come with being a great athlete by providing guidance, support, and training.

Kamalani Dung

She was reared on a farm and claims that because of the challenging economic conditions in the region, most Waianae inhabitants have humble lifestyles. During her childhood, Kamalani’s favorite pastime was not playing baseball. She loved to pursue butterflies more than she enjoyed playing baseball, therefore she did it often. However, it was parental support and constant practice that led to her ultimately falling in love with the sport at the age of ten. In addition to being a devoted daughter, Kamalani helps her younger brother Lancen Dung by being a kind and encouraging sister.

Is Kamalani Dung Dating Anyone Right Now?

The softball pitcher not only has a successful professional career in common, but they also have happy personal lives. The athlete and her boyfriend, Dillon Pakele, are happy together. They have a close-knit connection and have been dating for several years. In addition, Dillon, the boyfriend of Kamalani Dung, is a musician from Hawaii who plays on several tours and events. The couple has always encouraged one another in their own professional lives and is each other’s main source of support. In the days to come, perhaps, we will get the wonderful news of their marriage.

Kamalani Dung

Kamalani Dung’s Net Worth

Kamalani Dung’s net worth is $5 million, according to All Famous Birthdays. Her work as a softball pitcher and modeling gigs provide the majority of her money. Recently, she has participated in professional sports for the Athletes Unlimited Professional Sports League in the US. Hopefully, Kamalani’s hard-earned wealth will allow her to live a nice life.