Who Are Carl & Valerie Powell? Meet Zeb Powell Parents: Family Details

Zeb Powell

Carl and Valerie Powell, Zeb Powell’s adopted parents, reared the exceptional snowboarder. Their encouragement has been a guiding influence in Zeb’s journey from a youthful snowboarding enthusiast to a pioneering athlete.
Zeb made history as the first black snowboarder to win gold at the 2020 XGames Knuckle Huck. Zeb Powell, a North Carolina native born on January 18, 2000, has emerged as a noteworthy figure in professional snowboarding.

His path started with a hatred for snowboarding after an early teacher incident, but he swiftly overcame it, winning his first competition, Red Bull All Snow, at the age of 15. Similarly, he proceeded to create waves at events like the Red Bull All Snow 2016 at Carinthia Parks.

Zeb Powell’s Parents Are His Father Carl and His Mother Valerie

Zeb Powell was reared by his adoptive parents, Carl and Valerie Powell. The father, Carl Powell, operates a local chip factory, while the mother, Valerie Powell, is a former teacher’s assistant. Zeb, the youngest of five children, joined Powell’s family when his parents adopted him as an infant. Zeb’s adventure began with tremendous energy and remarkable motor abilities, which earned him the label “freak child.” Despite Zeb’s active upbringing and diagnosis of attention deficit disorder, his parents were tremendously supportive, encouraging his love of exercise.

Zeb Powell

Carl and Valerie supported Zeb as his enthusiasm for snowboarding grew, encouraging him and appreciating his accomplishments. After that, he went from a vivacious youngster to a snowboarding prodigy, catching the attention of instructors at the age of nine.

The Powell Siblings in Zeb’s Snowboarding Story

Unfolding the touching story of the Powell siblings, they grew up in a close-knit family, making life in the Powell home an adventure-filled trip. The narrative starts with Jessica Powell, Carl and Valerie’s oldest and only biological child. With her arrival, the family began to expand. Then Tyler, the first adoptive son, realized his parents’ original dream of having two children.

As Valerie humorously says,

“I wanted two kids because I have two hands.”

Dylan joined the family, bringing mischief and joy, while Scout brought glitter as the vivacious daughter. The Powells assumed their family was complete, but destiny had other plans. A call from the adoption agency resulted in the arrival of one more unique member, Zeb, named after his great-grandfather Zebulon.

Zeb Powell

The Powell brothers developed a special kinship as they navigated childhood pranks, school days, and the difficulties of parenting a youngster with attention deficit disorder. Zeb’s interest in snowboarding was influenced not just by his parents, but also by the energetic presence of his siblings.

Zeb’s incredible snowboarding journey has been made more enjoyable by the Powell brothers’ different personalities. Proving that family is more than a genetic link; it is a lifetime support system through life’s ups and downs.