Who Are Beatrice Tejou And Didier Ampiot? Meet Indira Ampiot Parents

Indira Ampiot

Indira Ampiot’s parents are Didier Ampiot and Beatrice Tejou. Miss France’s father runs a communication and marketing firm, while her mother works in social security. Indira Ampiot is a French model and beauty pageant contestant who was named Miss France 2023 on December 17, 2022. She is the fourth person from Guadeloupe to have won the prestigious honor.

Miss Guadeloupe 2022 and Miss Basse-Terre 2022 were formerly awarded to the Guadeloupe native. Her given name means “beautiful and splendid.” Those are the words that best describe the young model. Francis Huster, the head of the election panel, proclaimed her as the new Miss France. Diane Leyre, Miss France 2022, was her successor. Let’s get to know the lovely Miss France 2023, including her parents, siblings, and many other details.

Indira Ampiot’s Parents: Who Are They? Discover Her Mother and Father

Indira Ampiot was born on September 19, 2004, to parents Didier Ampiot and Beatrice Tejou. Her father runs a communication and marketing firm, while her mother works in social security. The model’s parents divorced when she was two years old. Indira also has an older sister who was born four years before her. During her first address as Miss France, she dedicated her title to her family, especially her late grandmother, who was an inspiration to her.

The lovely young lady said that her grandmother was a source of encouragement and her little secret to become Miss Guadeloupe. Sadly, her grandfather died last year. The beautiful child seems to have a strong relationship with her family. Furthermore, her family believes in her ambition and supports her.

Indira Ampiot

Indira Ampiot’s Mother Was Miss Guadeloupe’s First Runner-Up in 1998.

Indira Ampiot, the new Miss France, revealed during her speech that her mother, Beatrice Tejou, ran for Miss Guadeloupe in 1998. According to Time. News, she was just one step away from capturing the prestigious title. Indira went on to say that her mother ran in a few other contests, including Miss Caribbean, but was unable to compete in Miss France.

Indira said that she admires her mother and has retained her scarf, election VHS videos, and picture albums. She had wanted to compete in a beauty contest since she was a child. The model further said that she wants to demonstrate that even at the age of 18, one can achieve great things if one believes in their aspirations. “I’m just getting started,” the teenage model said.

Indira Ampiot

Indira Ampiot Dreams of Becoming Miss Universe

The next Miss France is a young woman with huge dreams. She wants to vote in the Miss Universe pageant. When asked to explain herself in an interview with UP Jobs News before to the announcement of Miss France 2023, she emphasized her bravery and dedication, that she pursues whatever she does, and that she does everything to achieve. Those remarks convey her confidence and desire.

Miss Guadeloupe 2022 said in the same interview that caring, encouraging, and assisting those in need are important to her. Indira plans to spend the next year exploring her area and the people of France after obtaining the prestigious award. As a memorial to her grandma, she said she wanted to emphasize her cause, which is to assist women with cancer to rediscover their self-confidence. Indira Ampiot is a young, gorgeous, and confident girl who is pursuing her ambition. We wish the new Miss France a bright future.