Whitney Crane, Jim Crane’s Wife How Did It All Begin For The Couple?

Jane Crane and Whitney Wheeler

Whitney Crane is best known in the baseball world as the wife of Jim Crane, the chairman, and owner of the Major League Baseball team Houston Astros. Because of their successful business ventures and philanthropic activities in the area, the Crane family is well-known in Houston.

Aside from their professional accomplishments, Astros fans are interested in learning about the team’s CEO’s personal life, including his love life. So, here are some interesting facts about Jim Crane’s wife, Whitney Crane, and how their relationship began.

In A Grandiose Ceremony, She Married Jim Crane

Jim Crane and Whitney Crane may keep much of their personal lives private, but the couple did not hesitate to share a glimpse of their wedding day. In 2017, the couple married over Memorial Day weekend, surrounded by their friends and family.

According to Paper City, the Cranes’ wedding took place at the business mogul’s Floridian National Golf Club. While exchanging vows, they were flanked by floral swans, and their first dance was surrounded by blue hydrangeas, blue delphiniums, gardenias, orchids, and white roses.

The couple had arranged for pop star Bruno Mars to perform as they danced as newlyweds. However, due to a snafu, country singer Clay Walker sang while Whitney and Jim danced to the music.

Furthermore, Jim Crane’s wife, Whitney, wore a Carolina Herrera custom wedding gown with blue lace accents. The groom wore black slacks and a white tuxedo jacket. All of the guests wore white, including Houston Astros general manager Jeff Luhnow and his wife, Gina Luhnow.

Whitney Crane, Jim Crane’s wife

Jim and Whitney Crane married in a lavish ceremony in front of their friends and family. Because Jim Crane is a billionaire, it is unsurprising that he married in such a lavish ceremony. On their wedding day, however, it wasn’t just the bride and groom who drew everyone’s attention. The couple’s young son was the star of the show.

Jim and Whitney Crane, the mother of one and stepmother to two, are secretive about their love lives but, surprisingly, made their wedding day public. And the Cranes’ son, James Robert Crane II, was the center of attention on their wedding day.

Whitney Crane
Whitney Crane

The businessman and his wife’s courting and childbirth dates are unknown. A 2017 article said Whitney and Jim Crane’s son was 3 at their wedding. According to an October 2017 Houston Chronicle report, the child was only 2.

James Crane’s parents love him despite contradicting facts about his birthday and age. He supports the Astros by attending games with his mother.

Whitney Crane’s sole child is James, however she was born Whitney Wheeler, and her husband has two from a previous marriage. Before becoming a corporate billionaire, Jim Crane was married to Theresa. Jared and Krystal Crane are their children.

Jim’s ex-wife had custody of their kids until 2000. Crane sued for custody, and the case turned contentious. The Crane siblings now enjoy a good relationship with their parents after the divorce.

Jared and Krystal Crane-Thompson are close to their stepmother, Whitney. During the custody dispute, the Houston Astros chairman was married to Franci Neely Crane.

Jim Crane’s wife celebrated her birthday in grand fashion

Whitney Crane has everything she wants because she is the beloved partner of a billionaire. She attends a Houston Astros game wearing Valentino Rockstud heels, pricey jewelry, and a custom Judith Lieber handbag.

It’s no surprise, then, that her birthday is a day of celebration for the Crane and Astros families. In 2019, Jim Crane’s wife was treated to a flamingo-themed party that included a performance by popular rapper Ludacris.

Crane’s friends and family, as well as Houston Astros players and executives, attended the party. Whitney Crane’s parents, Robert Kreb and Lynn Miller were also enjoying themselves. We hope the couple enjoys their time together and shares more about their lives in the coming days.