What Happened To Rapper Chika?

Rapper Chika

Chika made a comment on her Instagram story lately that alarmed her followers. She appeared to be on the edge of committing suicide, according to the statement. It said in one section:

“I reached the summit of the intercontinental but was unable to leap. Not because I don’t want to, but because I was afraid of the metal steps. It appears to be crying wolf, but it isn’t. It’s simply that finding the appropriate path is challenging. This is the fastest method. The easy way out. “I’m weary of myself as well.”

The rapper went on to say that she feels she would serve as a cautionary tale in leaving a damaged person on their own and that she will not be sorry for the people she would leave behind, claiming that she will not bear the weight of those who refuse to share her own. She wrote at the end of her post:

“I’m done typing now. I’m going to finish my drink and figure up a solution. Thank you for the journey; I really didn’t enjoy it.”

She’s been posting photographs and text messages on her Instagram account, claiming that her corpse can be found and that she doesn’t mind. She appears to have supplied some street names, but her current location is unclear.

Rapper Chika
Rapper Chika

Chika’s Current Situation

Despite the fact that the singer intimated on her Instagram story that she was having suicidal thoughts, she is likely to be well for the time being. According to TMZ, detectives were dispatched to the singer’s North Hollywood residence on March 26 but discovered she was not at home after being escorted to her unit by an onsite manager.

Fans were concerned when Chika’s Instagram story went viral, and they offered her prayers in the hopes that someone from her team would reach out to her before something horrible happened.

She has not, however, made any new posts in the recent few hours. In 2021, she was nominated for a Grammy Award in the category of Best New Artist.

More information On Rapper Chika

Jane Chika Oranika, also known as Jane Chika Oranika, rose to prominence on social media before signing with Warner Records in 2019. Her debut song, No Squares, had already been published prior to then.

High Rises and Can’t Explain It was two additional singles she released in 2019. In January 2020, she revealed the title and posted samples of the EP’s music, revealing that she was working on an EP named Industry Games.

In August 2020, the 25-year-old was named to the XXL 2020 Freshman Class. She received Grammy and NAACP Image Award nominations for Best New Artist and Outstanding New Artist, respectively.

She also contributed to the single, My Power, from the 2020 Netflix film Project Power, in which she portrayed a high school student.