What Did Joe Rogan Say In His Apology For Using The N-Word?

Joe Rogan

Joe Rogan has found himself in hot water on social media once again after a video compilation of the presenter using the n-word went viral. Earlier this week, Grammy-winning R&B singer-songwriter India Arie tweeted the video and said that she would be withdrawing her songs from Spotify in solidarity with Neil Young and others. Arie indicated that she thinks Rogan troubling for reasons other than the COVID-19 misrepresentation. The 46-year-old singer revealed that she disagrees with the JRE podcast host’s approach to race. On Thursday, February 3, India Arie declared in a video from her Instagram account,

“He shouldn’t be saying the term at all. Under all circumstances, do not utter that. Don’t say anything. That is where I am. I’ve always remained standing.”

What did Joe Rogan say in his apologies for using the n-word?

Rogan, whose show is said to have sparked a big rift between musicians and Spotify, has responded to the video compilation of him using the racist slur. On Saturday, he released an Instagram video apologizing for using the n-word in previous editions of his JRE podcast.

Joe Rogan

The 54-year-old podcast presenter said the video comprises out-of-context snippets from shows featuring talks dating back as far as 12 years. Joe Rogan went on to say that he often used the term exactly when referencing other controversial personalities who had used it.

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Rogan said,

“I figured people would understand what I was doing as long as it was in context.”

The native of Newark also maintained that he did not intend to use the term in a racial context and that he is “not racist.” Rogan said,

“You messed up anytime you have to declare, “I’m not a racist.” And I certainly messed up.”

Joe Rogan issued his “sincere, deepest apologies” in the video, which was seen over 200,000 times in four hours, and yearned for a time machine to undo his casual use of the slur.

Joe Rogan

People’s reactions to Joe Rogan’s reported use of the n-word while paraphrasing others.

As has been the case with everything relating to the JRE podcast host, social media users were split by Rogan’s use of the slur. Several tweets noted that the term used by white people is inappropriate in any situation. Others, though, accepted Rogan’s apology and agreed with his explanation of the context of his use of the epithet.