“We Have a Ghost” Is Set To Release On Netflix

We Have a Ghost

We Have a Spirit will be available on Netflix on Friday, February 24, 2023, at 3 a.m. ET. The 127-minute family story is produced by Marty Bowen and Dan Halsted under the names of Legendary Entertainment and Temple Hill Entertainment. We Have a Ghost’s ensemble includes notable personalities such as David Harbour, Anthony Mackie, Tig Notaro, and Jennifer Coolidge, among many others. This is David Harbour and Anthony Mackie’s first major film in 2023. Meanwhile, it is Coolidge’s second film after Shotgun Wedding, in which she portrayed the mother to Josh Duhamel’s Tom Fowler.

Christopher Landon, known for directing the horror films Happy Death Day and its sequel, as well as Freaky, has been tapped to direct We Have a Spirit. The forthcoming comedy-drama is inspired by a short tale released in 2017.

In which location were We Have a Phantom shot?

Filming on the forthcoming picture is said to have begun in July 2021 in Louisiana, with the main shooting beginning a month later. However, the plan was stopped a few weeks later due to Hurricane Ida’s impact in Louisiana. After things had returned to normal in October 2021, the actors and team traveled to the Louisiana towns of Donaldsonville and New Orleans for filming. They finished filming in just one month. We Have a Spirit was shot in Ascension Parish, the Lemann Memorial Center at 1100 Clay Street, Railroad Avenue, and the area surrounding Mississippi Street. All of these places are in Donaldsonville, Louisiana. They set up camp in New Orleans to film several important sequences both indoors and outdoors.

We Have a Ghost

What can we anticipate from the forthcoming family horror comedy?

As previously stated, the picture was influenced by a brief tale. Ernest was penned by Geoff Manaugh, an independent journalist living in Los Angeles, and was released by VICE in October 2017. Ernest, written by Landon, is “a really new spin on a ghost tale and something that I hadn’t really seen before.” He went on to say that We Have a Spirit is about an extremely troubled family who moves into a cursed home. Instead of being afraid of the apparition, they “double down” and start a YouTube account, which makes the family renowned on the internet.

Meanwhile, according to the synopsis:

“After finding that their new house is plagued by a spirit called Ernest, Kevin establishes a YouTube account and makes the ghost and his family Internet-famous. When Kevin and Ernest begin to discover the truth about Ernest’s background, they become a CIA target.”

We Have a Ghost

The teaser for We Have a Presence, which was released last month, demonstrates the same. The section about the CIA, headed by Tig Notaro’s government operative Dr. Leslie Monroe, was less shown. The standout performances were undoubtedly Harbour’s no-dialog performance as the spirit and his odd relationship with Kevin, a pupil.

The ensemble is completed by Isabella Russo, Faith Ford, Erica Ash, Niles Fitch, and Steve Coulter. We Have a Spirit will be available on Netflix on Friday, February 24, 2023.