Was Jacob Vanzant Married? Explore His Relationship With Celestial Riate

Jacob Vanzant

The name of Jacob Vanzant’s wife has piqued everyone’s interest, yet he was not married. Celestial Riate, his sweetheart, was his girlfriend. Jacob Vanzant, a 24-year-old guy from the United States of America, has been missing since February 17, 2023, and his name has been trending on the internet.

Following his disappearance, everyone pitched in and worked together to find Vanzant. After a lengthy search, he was discovered on April 15, 2023. Vanzant is no longer with us since his corpse was discovered. Everyone is in mourning after his loss, and the family is also seeking privacy at this time. Before we get into his family life, let’s have a look at his love life, since he was in a great relationship with his beautiful girlfriend Celestial Riate.

Was Jacob Vanzant Married to His Girlfriend Celestial Riate?

Jacob Vanzant was not married and had no wife. He was, nevertheless, involved in a love connection with his girlfriend, Celestial Riate. It is uncertain when and how the couple met, but based on their social media postings, it is possible that they dated for a long period. Celestial started dating Vanzant on June 13, 2014, according to her Facebook page. Many people admired Vanzant and Celestial’s relationship because they flaunted it on their social media accounts.

Jacob Vanzant

Jacob Vanzant and Celestial Riate Daughter

As previously stated, Jacob Vanzant and Celestial Riate were not married, but based on their social media postings, it seems that they were going to marry. They had also established their own family. The lovebirds had their baby shower on June 5, 2022, in the company of their family and close friends. Celestial shared some great memories on Facebook. Celestial seems to have already given birth since she posted a picture of herself on a hospital bed on Facebook. Jacob was seen cradling a newborn in the same video.

Celestial is also upset at the time and is grieving the loss of her spouse. She honored Jacob by sharing some of their photos and videos. “I know you’re holding our daughter and watching us right now,” Riate wrote. You’re content.”

Jacob Vanzant

What Happened To Jacob Vanzant?

Jacob Vanzant was last seen at the Shangri La Asian Bistro & Sushi Bar on February 17, 2023. Jacob was last seen wearing a dark sweatshirt, dark trousers, and black boots. Jacob was driving a Honda Pilot with the registration plate 5JBC311 at the time. Vanzant is said to have vanished after ordering takeout for his longtime lover. Vanzant was discovered by a volunteer team of divers on April 15, 2023. They discovered Jacob’s bones after discovering a vehicle drowned in a slough in San Joaquin County. The investigating team also believes that the automobile collision was an accident since Jacob’s car was discovered near the end of a road that leads into the ocean if one is not paying attention.