Virginia Madsen And Her Partner Had An Intimate Wedding Ceremony During The Pandemic

Virginia Madsen

Virginia Madsen has a wonderful marriage with her new spouse after a disastrous marriage and several romances. The Candyman actress is now married to Nick Holmes, an actor and photographer located in Los Angeles. More significantly, Madsen seems to be content in her marriage, as seen by her social media postings. For the previous several years, she has been routinely uploading images with her hubby, with the majority of her postings displaying the couple’s connection. For example, the actress spent her confinement with her boyfriend and often delighted her fans with funny pictures showcasing the two.

She previously uploaded a photo of herself and Holmes smiling in front of their balcony, thanking her family and friends for giving them provisions during quarantine. “Hello from our quarantine period! Thank you to everyone who sent us supplies. We adore you!” Madsen captioned her Instagram photo.

Virginia Madsen and Her Husband Wed in the midst of a Quarantine

Madsen and Holmes apparently went down the aisle while the quarantine was still in effect. Despite the fact that the pair has not issued an official announcement, and no reliable source has verified the news, Madsen hinted in her November 2020 Instagram post that she and her boyfriend conducted a modest wedding ceremony during the epidemic. She included a handful of photos of the couple suited up for their wedding in the post. Madsen looked stunning in a knee-high white shift dress with dizzy shoes, while her groom looked dapper in a black suit. In one of the photos, the pair also donned a face shield to show that they followed the COVID-19 procedure. “Hitched in quarantine (don’t tell anybody),” she captioned the photo.

Virginia Madsen

“Congratulations. “We hope you live happily ever after,” a fan remarked on her photo, while actress Ashley Platz complimented the pair as well, saying, “So sincerely pleased for you.””

In January 2022, she returned to Instagram and referred to her partner as her spouse. She raved over him by explaining that he always brought her breakfast in bed. The wedding, on the other hand, did not come as a surprise to many people since it had always been planned. The couple has supposedly been dating for almost a decade. The pair has also traversed the globe together, sampling the cuisines of exotic locations such as Bucharest, Fiji, London, Paris, Istanbul, and Aruba.

Meet Virginia Madsen’s husband, Mr. Nick Holmes


Madsen’s husband, Holmes, who is reportedly 20 years her junior, has been in films and television episodes such as Gilmore Girls, Guardians of the Galaxy, Super, and The Thirst: Blood War. Furthermore, a short peek at his Instagram reveals that he has spent the last several years working as a fashion photographer. He has worked as a professional photographer with director MK McGehee, actress Natasha Halevi Gunn, and his wife, Madsen.

Previous Relationships of Virginia Madsen

Virginia Madsen

The famous actress was previously married to her first husband, actor Danny Huston. They married in 1989 after meeting during the production of the film Mr. North. Their marriage, however, did not continue long, as they divorced in 1992. Madsen later found love with the Italian former model and actor Antonio Sabàto. She was in a five-year relationship with him, beginning in 1993. From their relationship, they also produced a son, Jack Sabàto [Madsen’s sole child].