Victor Oladipo Is Apparently Looking For An Ideal Girlfriend

Victor Oladipo

Victor Oladipo seems to be looking for the perfect girlfriend. In recent months, the NBA star, who now plays for the Miami Heat, has been open about his personal life on social media, particularly on Twitter. Most of his tweets indicate that he is single, but he is eager to commit to a relationship if he meets the perfect woman, who may potentially be his bride in the future. On September 4, 2021, for example, Oladipo resorted to Twitter to express his anguish at being unmarried for a long time. “Low key weary of being single,” he wrote.

Victor Oladipo’s Search for a Girlfriend

The NBA player revealed his relationship status in a tweet on September 4th, just after Drake released his album Certified Lover Boy. Oladipo and other NBA players were eager to take it up, but it seems that some of the lyrics got into their emotions a little too much – at least for Oladipo. A Heat Nation Twitter fan page with the handle @HeatNationCP promptly replied to the basketball pro’s search for a girlfriend by publishing a message to assist him in finding a righteous companion.

Victor Oladipo
Victor Oladipo

“Victor Oladipo needs companionship. “Any takers, Heat Nation?” read a tweet from the Heat Nation fan page. Oladipo subsequently responded with a sobbing face emoji, indicating he was moved by the gesture. Similarly, several fangirls expressed a desire in becoming his girlfriend or wife. “Good day, Victor. Have a wonderful Saturday! My name is Viviana. I’ve been single for ten years. I’m a serious individual. “I’m weary of being alone and would want to meet you or converse if you wish,” one commented. “I would ask you out, but I’m still really unhappy over when you snatched the microphone from me and my pals at Dunkirk Karaoke in the spring of 2013,” said another. “Enjoy your single life while you can dude, don’t push things,” one person said.

Victor Oladipo Has Previously Been Linked to a Few Women

Among the hundreds of reactions to his tweet, one read, “What happened with you and @NicoleScherzy a few years ago on Masked Singer?” “Seemed like y’all hit it off on the show,” the basketball player said when asked about his rumored romance with singer Nicole Scherzinger. When he was a competitor on the reality program The Masked Vocalist, he expressed his desire to date the ‘I Don’t Need a Man’ singer.

In a December 2019 episode, after unmasking himself, he informed presenter Nick Cannon that he’d go on a date with Scherzinger “anywhere, any time, any place.” “If I do, maybe in the near future if the occasion or chance presents itself,” he said of going on a date with Scherzinger. However, it was never established whether or not he went on a date with the singer.

Despite the fact that he has never married, he has been associated with a few names. The NBA player had previously been connected to Instagram model Natalia Castillo, but he dismissed the reports before being transferred to Miami in March 2021. Previously, Oladipo was said to be in a relationship with model Bria Myles in December 2017. She was seen at one of his games, which sparked the suspicions. But, once again, none of them addressed the claims, leaving fans in the dark about their prospective connection. All we can hope is that Oladipo soon meets his dream girlfriend and maybe a bride.