Urban Meyer Controversy & Affair: Is He Cheating On His Wife?

Urban Meyer

Urban Meyer scandal has resurfaced. If you want to learn more about the former American football coach’s controversy, read the whole article. Urban Meyer is a college football TV commentator who has also worked for the American television sports network ESPN. Meyer is also a former American football coach who spent most of his coaching career at the university level. He was the Bowling Green Falcons’ head coach from 2001 to 2002. He was also connected with the Utah Utes, Florida Gators, and Ohio State Buckeyes. Meyer also announced his retirement from coaching at the conclusion of the Rose Bowl in 2019.

Following that, he remained at Ohio State as an associate athletic director and even served as a Fox Sports commentator. Meyer was previously a big issue outside of his work life owing to a controversy, which is detailed below.

Urban Meyer Scandal and Affair

Urban Meyer was previously embroiled in a scandal that drew him into the fray. People began to speculate that he had an affair with a woman despite being married to his wife. A video of Merey with an unnamed female became viral on social media in 2021. A blonde woman was seen dancing on Meyer’s lap in the video. Aside from that, another photo of Meyer’s hand on or near the woman’s bottom went viral. Meyer was reportedly out on the town in Columbus, Ohio, after the Jaguars were defeated by the Houston Texans in 2021. Merey faced anger on social media as the video quickly went viral, and several memes were created about him.

Urban Meyer

Urban Merey’s Cheating Comment and Controversy

People have accused Urban Merey of being a cheater after he allegedly made a cheating statement in a recent interview with Dan Dakich. Merey has been drawn into the debate as a result of some of his statements. Merey shared his thoughts on NIL collectives throughout the interview. Merey believes they are being utilized to circumvent state rules that prohibit pay-for-play incentives. Collectives, he claims, are a systematic method of gaming the system. Merey’s statement on cheating drew criticism from online users. People referred to him as a cheater because of his words and his previous controversy.

What Happened to Urban Merey After the Cheating Scandal?

Urban Merey is still married to Shelley Mather, and the couple is said to live in Ohio. In the year 1986, the couple married. The couple has been married for a long time and has created their own family. The Mereys are the delighted parents of three children: Nicole ‘Nicki,’ Gisela ‘Gigi,’ and Nathan ‘Nate.’ Aside from that, his wife Shelley got harsh remarks when Urban’s video became viral in 2021.

Urban Meyer

Shelley eventually went out about the incident, stating that she had opted to deactivate her social media profiles due to experiencing hostility from others. “We all make mistakes- we are all sinners; if you think you aren’t, think again.” “Then throw the first stone.” Shelley also expressed gratitude to her fans.