Tye Tribbett And His Wife Have Been Married For Over Two Decades Despite Infidelity Issues

Tye Tribbett

Tye Tribbett and his wife, Shante Tribbett, have had a rocky marriage. Even though infidelity nearly ended the high-profile couple’s wedding, they found their way back to love and are celebrating 24 years of marriage. Tribbett is proud to say that their relationship is stronger than ever, even though they have been together for over two decades.

A Case of Concurrent Affairs

Tye, whose parents divorced due to infidelity, thought he would never go down that path. But fate had a similar plan for him and his wife, Shante. According to the singer, he cheated on his wife, and she, in turn, cheated on him. His affair was with a Grammy-nominated and Stellar Award-winning Greater Anointing Choir member.

When Shante discovered her husband’s extramarital affair, she retaliated by having her affair with a rapper named Da TRUTH. Tye’s friend and music collaborator was Emmanuel Lee Lambert Jr, a rapper whose real name is Emmanuel Lee Lambert Jr.

Overcoming Their Marriage’s Obstacles

Both of their mistakes nearly brought their decade-long marriage to an end. However, due to their love for one another, the couple separated for a while to clear their heads. According to the Singers Room, the Gospel singer was suffering from depression and was contemplating suicide after divorcing his wife.

However, realizing their mistakes and the importance of each other in their lives kept the couple close, encouraging them to give their relationship another chance. Their consistent efforts to repair their marriage revitalized it, making it stronger. The couple is now living their best lives, and they see this as a second chance from God. After leaving their past behind, the two-time Grammy Award winner and his wife are now living a happy life.

The Tribbett’s are a four-person family

Tye and Shante’s marriage has gone through some ups and downs over the last twenty-three years, but it has also had some happy times. The couple is the proud parents of two adorable daughters, Lyncoln Victoria and Austyn Taylor.

Tye and Shante
Tye and Shante

‘The Trib Crib,’ as he refers to his wife and children, frequently appears on Tye and Shante’s Instagram accounts. The posts are usually accompanied by long and meaningful captions that express how happy they are to be a family again. The Tye Tribbett wife experience appears to be smooth sailing as of 2021.