TXT Discusses The Hardships That They Endured In Order To Keep Their Pace In The K-Pop Industry


The path to becoming a successful and multi-talented K-pop artist isn’t usually simple, and boy group TXT, also known as TOMORROW X TOGETHER, is no exception. All chosen members must go through rigorous training in different professions, including dance, before making their debut as K-pop stars.

Choreography is just as vital as musical creation, and each dance step must be flawless, swift, and clean. In a recent interview with GQ magazine, the K-pop boy band revealed their top ten must-have goods. While the majority of the elements are clear and required, the group also reflected on their days as trainees. To strengthen their performance and dancing talents, the stars apparently had to bind their legs with sandbags. Since their debut in 2019, the fourth-generation K-pop boy group has wowed fans with their excellent choreography and stage presence while singing hits from diverse artists.


TXT’s latest GQ Japan magazine interview

MOA fans already know that the members of the K-pop boy group have the unrivaled ability. However, being a K-pop idol takes a lot of work and time, with the expectation of swiftly grasping everything. TXT revealed one of the ways they improved their dance talents in a recent one-way interview with GQ Japan. Each group member took turns answering fascinating topics that fans have been dying to hear about in a video titled 10 Things TOMORROW X TOGETHER Can’t Live Without.


Given that they are vocalists, the majority of the things stated by the boy band were self-evident. The trio declared that they can’t live without their microphones as musicians and that they felt more secure with microphones than headphones. Yeonjun, a groupmate, stated:

“For some reason, I feel more confident on stage with this.”

However, it is not the only thing necessary for their survival. When asked what thing he couldn’t live without, group member Taehyun said he couldn’t live without his dumbbells. Despite their diminutive size and low weight, the artist emphasized their significance.

about their training days and how they used to strap sandbags to their legs during dancing rehearsals Beomgyu, a member of the group, stated that the sandbags helped them go quicker since the weight forced them to utilize more muscle. He further said that after the sandbags were removed, the dancing motions got much simpler. Taehyun, a groupmate, explained:

“It seemed as though you were on the moon. You can leap farther!”


Although the K-pop stars trained with heavyweights, the apparently difficult notion surely paid off as they have shown remarkable and strong dancing talents on several occasions. Meanwhile, TXT’s fourth mini-album, minisode 2:Thursday’s Child, has been certified gold by the Japanese Recording Industry Association. With this accomplishment, the trio now has six gold-certified albums. TXT is also on the schedule for Summer Sonic 2022, Japan’s largest music event, which will be hosted in Tokyo and Osaka. The Japanese leg of the boy band’s international tour will take place on September 3-4 in Osaka and September 7-8 in Chiba.