Tony Valdez Passed Away At The Age Of 78

Tony Valdez

Tony Valdez, a well-known news reporter, died recently at the age of 78. He was well-known for his work as a reporter and anchor at KTTV Channel 11 in Los Angeles. His son informed KTTV on Friday that Valdez had renal failure, which caused his death, and that he was at home at the time of his death.

Several other reporters and journalists paid respect to Valdez on various social media channels, detailing their years of working with him. Journalist Araksya Karapetyan posted on Facebook about Valdez’s accomplishments throughout the years. According to Araksya, she had the chance to work with Valdez at Fox 11. She went on to say:

“I remember how kind and supportive he was from the start when I joined the team.” He was truly interested in me, in my narrative, in who I was, what I represented, and what I had to give the world. We were always moving about, but if we got a few moments in between newscasts, we would meet up in the newsroom or the corridor and speak about… life.”

Tony Valdez

Araksya further revealed that Tony Valdez used to question her about her family life and that hearing his voice made her feel safe and reassured. Tony’s narrative used to be old-school, with facts, details, emotion, and depth, she wrote. She went on to say:

“I always regret not going on one of his tours to learn more about Los Angeles.” Tony worked as a docent for the Los Angeles Conservancy, leading tours of downtown. “One of these days…” I used to say.

Tony’s son Steve and three grandkids are among his survivors. Those who desire to contribute may do so to the LA Conservancy or the 8 Ball Foundation.

Tony Valdez was well-known for his work with KTTV Fox 11 for many years.

Tony Valdez never discussed his upbringing, however, he attended Los Angeles City College and California State University. He spent some time in the United States Army. In Los Angeles, he worked as a writer, producer, and reporter for KLTA and KCET before moving on to La Opinion and the Los Angeles Herald-Examiner. He started at KTTV in 1980, reporting for the news part of L.A.’s Most Wanted. He also hosted Midday Sunday, weekly public affairs show that focused on local and national concerns with current top news and newsmakers. From 1991 until 1993, he was the station’s weekend news anchor.

Tony Valdez

Valdez departed from the news station in 2016, and on his final day, the station arranged an on-air homage and goodbye. Tony was also the winner of Emmy, Golden Mike, and Los Angeles Press Club honors for his broadcasting talents. Tony Valdez was also embroiled in a disagreement with KFI talk show presenters John and Ken in 2006. Valdez lectured about Manifest Destiny and denounced the Mormon Battalion monuments, claiming that it was responsible for the deaths of numerous Mexicans. The assertions, however, were untrue.

John and Ken then invited their listeners to send an email to KTTV, claiming that Valez had broken journalistic neutrality. Although Valdez was expected to apologize during his appearance on Midday Sunday, May 7, 2006, this did not occur, and the station instead apologized to everyone on the evening program on May 4, 2006.