Tony Elizondo- A New Lead Singer Of Calibre 50

Tony Elizondo

Tony Elizondo is a new member of Calibre 50. He has just joined the band. Before Elizondo joined the band as the new lead vocalist, the crew conducted tryouts for about a month. The band shared the news on social media, along with a picture of Tony and his bandmates, and added,

“With the addition of Tony Elizondo, we begin a new phase in our profession.”

Tony joined the band in January 2021, after the resignation of frontman Eden Munoz. Eden created the band in 2010 and debuted his solo career at the same time. After that, the trio organized tryouts for budding vocalists in search of the next member to join Armando Ramos, Alejandro Gaxiola, and Erick Garcia. Elizondo also published his audition on social media before joining the band, stating he was glad for the opportunity and writing,

“This was my Calibre 50 audition. I’m extremely grateful to have been allowed to participate in this tournament; I already feel like a winner.”


All About Tony Elizondo

Tony Elizondo

Calibre 50 fans were devastated to learn about Eden Munroz’s departure. They were, nevertheless, excited at the idea of a fresh face in charge of entertaining everyone with his voice. This is why there has been a lot of interest in learning more about Tony Elizondo, a new band member who has taken on the role of singer. Currently, very little information on Tony is known, although he is a 20-year-old male from Monterrey, according to many Mexican media agencies.

According to sources, he has prior expertise in the world of music, having performed at local companies and events. However, this would be his first significant invasion on a national and worldwide scale. The audition and the new adventure occur on the band’s 12th anniversary. In an interview with Billboard, Andaluz Music President Jesus Tirado said,

“We’re celebrating 12 years of tremendous achievement.” A tale is usually written in chapters, therefore we’re starting the next one today. We are thankful to God for so many blessings, as well as to the people for their unwavering support and affection. We are certain that the tale will continue since the union and respect in our firm have lead us to where we are now.”


Tony Elizondo

Calibre 50 was formed in Mazatlan, Sinaloa, in 2010. El Tierno Se Fue was the group’s first success in 2011, and they have released various songs during their career.