Tone Bell Will Be Featured As A Host Of Netflix’s “Drink Masters” Season 1

Tone Bell

Drink Masters, a Netflix original series, is poised to shake things up with incredible beverages and fierce competition. The reality show will feature mixologists and bartenders from throughout North America as they prepare to create liquid art in order to wow the judges and win a $100,000 prize. While the concept of the event may be similar to that of a conventional cooking show, the outcomes will be unique, leaving both the audience and the judges speechless, so bottoms up. The makers of Blown Away will present the program, which will be led by comedian, actor, and producer Tone Bell, best known for his role as Scott Evans in The Flash.

According to the show’s description:

“Twelve of the world’s most creative mixologists infuse, swirl, and blend their way through a series of high-stakes cocktail challenges for the chance to win a life-changing reward and the title of The Ultimate Drink Master.”

Drink Masters will launch on Netflix on Friday, October 28.

Tone Bell prepares to host Netflix’s Drink Masters, a mixology competition.

Tone Bell is getting ready to host Netflix’s new mixology reality competition, which is set to launch soon. The 39-year-old actor and comedian have acted in several TV series and films, including Disjointed, in which he portrayed the security guard for a cannabis pharmacy. Tone Bell started his comedy career in Dallas before relocating to Los Angeles to pursue a career as an actor and comedian. He won the Stand-up NBC Diversity talent competition and, as a result, secured a contract with the NBC network and appeared in People Are Talking.

Tone Bell

He worked as an instructor and then as a brand manager with Swivel Media in San Francisco before pursuing a career in the entertainment sector. Later, he returned to Atlanta to work for a corporation that ultimately relocated him to Dallas, where he began to transform his hobby into a job. Tone discussed his job with Cliche Magazine in 2014, saying that when he moved to Dallas, he didn’t know anybody and had to think of methods to meet people without “appearing weird.” He decided to try his luck at an open mic event, believing it would be a fun opportunity to meet new people.

Tone, a devotee of old humor, named Bill Cosby and Bill Burr as his favorite comedians. The Drink Masters presenter also credited Kevin James of The King of Queens as a major inspiration for his ability to blast a modest concept out of size. Tone and the judges appeared for a virtual chat with Bonnie Laufer before of the launch of Drink Masters, where they discussed the forthcoming episode. Bonnie informed Tone that he had “the finest job in the world” since he hosts a program about people creating cocktails. He stated:

“You are correct; I have the finest job in the world.”

Tone Bell

Bell went on to say that not only did he host the program, but he also got to sip cocktails crafted by the top bartenders. He went on to say that he got to “drink brilliance” in every episode. Bonnie then questioned whether he got intoxicated at the conclusion of each episode, to which the Drinks Masters presenter quipped that he did, but not because of the program. Tone went on to say that he would have a large breakfast every day and that the most difficult aspect of the program was not being able to complete the wonderful cocktails that the mixologists would create.